Skate Culture in HK and China / HKIT 5th Anniversary Silver Pendent


我們剛整理好一篇文章關於中港兩地的滑板文化和HKIT店的5週年紀念品, 詳盡故事可以在以下找到.
We did a feature about the skate culture in HK and CHINA & HKIT 5th Anni., so check the full story after the jump!

特此鳴謝kit415, 泰仔的幫忙, murderfreak 為英文翻譯! 大家亦可以在10月1號出版的yoho雜誌找到!
Special Thanks kit415 & ThaiChai for the help and murderfreak help for translate!

兩地滑板文化之交流,HKIT 5週年純銀製吊墜

KIT415,香港滑板界其中一位資深滑板好手,曾活躍於滑板好手如雲的美國三藩市多年,深受其文化所影響,得到滑板界的傳奇店FTC等賞識和贊助,繼而回流香港推動滑板文化,並開設了自家的滑板店HKIT,引進了多個超有名的品牌如FTC, ZERO, ANTI-HERO, SANTA CRUZ等等,同時亦提攜了多位滑板好手。早幾天就收到他的來電說為了HKIT店的第5個年頭,而特製了一批925純銀製的吊墜,相約我去他的店子看看。





如各位滑板愛好者去香港,HKIT絕對是要去逛逛的,如你沒有時間也可以到他的網站 看看吧,網裡有不少各地的滑板資訊和一些香港滑板好手的訪問!

HKIT – 香港九龍尖沙咀加連威老道55號2樓

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Skate Culture in HK and China / HKIT 5th Anniversary Silver Pendent

KIT415 is a Hong Kong pro-skater who was once active in the San Francisco skate scene and sponsored by the legendary FTC. After returning to Hong Kong to push the local skate culture, he had set up his own skate shop HKIT and bought in many top quality skate brands like FTC, ZERO, ANTI-HERO, SANTA CRUZ etc. During this time, he had also natured many local skate talents.

I was invited to HKIT the other day to check out the 925 Silver Pendent he had produced for HKIT 5th Anniversary. The pendent comes in limited quantities as it is all hand-made and available in Silver and Black/Silver with HKIT logo design. Apart from using it as a pendent, it can also be attached to your key ring. It’s priced reasonably at HK$260 so do check it out!

Our good friend Sitthiporn ThaiChai joined us at HKIT and we chatted about the skate scene in Hong Kong and China. Sitthiporn ThaiChai is a professional star-skater both in Hong Kong and China, sponsored by both HKIT and China’s Skate brand SYMBOLIC. He came in first at the recent Hong Kong X-VENTURE Freestyle competition.

The standard of Hong Kong skater had been recognized in the Asia and the market for skate brand is well received but yet as a Skater it is still not well accepted by the general public. Unlike China’s huge market where many companies having invested heavily in many new skate brand, it is still relatively hard to be sponsored as a pro-skater in Hong Kong. China had seen many new skate brands with full range products, supported by advertising and skate events. Skate talents are able to get sponsorship to go professional. An additional advantage is because due to its abundance land area, skaters are able to have a place of their own to practice their various styles and improve on their skills, without drawing the irks of the public by skating on the streets.

Hong Kong’s skate fashion had seen the baggy outfits returning to the more tight fitting 80s style. It is led by trend, even though there are some who are influenced by music with their unique personal style. On the contrary, China bigger population means a bigger variety in styles by individuals, thus giving the skate brands more space to develop. This makes it easier to find a suitable sponsorship, thus drawing many Hong Kong Skaters. Brands like SYMBOLIC already had a few Hong Skaters on their team who also helped to further push the standard of the China skate culture further, giving it the potential to catch up with Europe and the United States.

At this point, all of us actually felt the urge to skate and thus we took out our decks and get ready to hit the street. I noticed Sitthiporn ThaiChai’s deck is covered with HKIT and SYMBOLIC stickers and graphic. After our run and back in the shop, KIT45 showed us a deck cover with HKIT and I LOVE SKATE prints! It is only going for HK$50!

If you are a skate fans, do check out HKIT if u drop by Hong Kong! Alternatively, you can check out his website for info on the international skate scene and Hong Kong skaters’ interviews!

HKIT-2/F, No.55 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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