adFunture x CH(air)EYES Glasses MADE IN JAPAN


adFunture 與 CH(air)EYES 聯名眼鏡框終於落實發售。 延續adFunture TURF WAR的主題,於眼鏡臂外上均有鐵絲網的圖案,網裡也有著adFunture的圖案,而於臂內每邊分別印有adFunture 和 CH(air)EYES 的圖案,同時於眼鏡框兩邊角落也分別有三粒小圓釘。

The collaboration spectacle frame from adFunture and CH(air)EYES is finally here. Continuing with the TURF WAR theme, the frame comes with wire mesh print and adFunture logo on the side. Both adFunture and CH(air)EYES can also be found on the inside.



In order to achieve the top quality for this frame, both companies decided to produce this frame in Japan, well know for their quality in hand made frame. The fine and outstanding wire mesh prints are achieved by laser technology. It will be released on 04 December 2009 for the price of 980RMB.

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