Henry Rollins – North American Spoken Word Tour


Black Flag主音,傳奇人物 Henry Rollins公佈了的”Frequent Flyer” 演講行程細節, 由1月12日於英國開始,繼而到其他歐洲主要國家如德國,瑞典,奧地利等進行,之後就回到北美洲,由2月17日於加州展開,一直到其他主要大城市像紐約等等。

Legendary Henry Rollins, the former Black Flag frontman, has announced details of a North American spoken word tour called the ‘Frequent Flyer’ tour. Starting in California on February 17, the tour will see him covering cities from New York to Montreal. Before that, Rollins will be on a European tour beginning in the UK on January 12 taking him through major European cities from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Austria etc.

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