NIKE Video directed by Steven Chow for (RED), Charity for Fight Aids in Afrca


NIKE 剛上載了一段預告片是由國際影星/導演周星馳制作,以長江7號和少林足球作參考內容,帶出了NIKE為(RED)所推出的鞋帶,而這雙鞋帶也同時帶出了愛滋病在世界上的問題,也藉此把所得的善款幫助非洲裡受愛滋病影響的22,000,000患者。這個短片快將推出,密切留意!!

NIKE Hong Kong had just updated a video produced by Hong Kong actor/director Steven Chow for NIKE’s and (RED) “Lace up, Save Lives” Project. “Lace up, Save Lives” is a project to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. A unique pair of NIKE (PRODUCT)RED™ shoelaces has been released at Nike stores worldwide. One hundred percent of the profits from (NIKE)RED laces will be split equally between The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which funds AIDS programs that provide medicine for those living with HIV, and Nike football-based community initiatives that deliver education and understanding around HIV/AIDS prevention. This unique partnership delivers programs that both medicate and educate.

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