NIKE UPDATES : DEC 2009 - Nike Blazer High V Lux TZ, Nike SFB Zip TZ


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Nike 剛於早幾天發售了兩款 TZ 等級的鞋款 – Nike Blazer High V Lux TZ, Nike SFB Zip TZ :

The Nike Blazer High V Lux TZ

簡約的設計一向都是Blazer 的象徵,然而在簡約的設計上作出創新卻不是一件容易的事,以往Nike都曾把Blazer 的顏色作出很多變化,也曾推出過以黑皮為物料的版本。而今次Nike也破天荒把Blazer 的鞋帶部份改為魔術貼,而今次用的皮也不同於上次的版本,改為更軟熟更優質的皮。全黑的顏色加上皮革後令到整雙鞋子感覺更時尚。這款式已於Nike指定的NSW 店發售。

The simple design of the latest Nike Blazer High V Lux TZ is heightened by a soft and supple premium full grain leather, along with five velcro straps as opposed to the typical shoe lacing system. The all-black design captures the subtle and simplistic feel of the season.

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Nike SFB Zip TZ

SFB Zip 這個靴子鞋款於09年3月正式誔生,集高科技,超輕量物料於一身,使用了拉鍊代替穿上鞋帶,更舒適方便快捷,也同時把外型變得更簡潔但更感覺時尚,當然這個組合也能把它的功能充份地表露出來。今次這雙最新的Nike SFB Zip TZ 就有橄欖色和全黑色選擇,都是很適合於冬天的顏色。和上述的鞋子一樣,這款鞋子已於各Nike指定的 NSW 店子發售。

The Nike SFB represents Nike’s continued pursuit of delivering the most technically innovative and lightweight product to meet the needs of athletes the world over. The Nike SFB was first launched in March 2009.
The latest Nike SFB Zip TZ retains performance supremacy, but with an amazing street-friendly look by adding a feature: zippered lace up. The beautiful design of combining the laces and zipper gives the boots a clean but sophisticated look. It also provides simplistic convenience, easy to put on and take off. The boots are done in an all-classic olive or all-black Kevlar blend. Both colors have that perfect winter feel.

The Nike SFB Zip TZ will be available at select Nike Sportswear retailers on Dec.5th, 2009.

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