RMC MKWS x MADNESS True Red Neckwarmer

Written by admin On December - 16 - 2009

MADNESS 經過一個月的正式運作後,我們MADNESS的 Online Shop – Shop Madness也嘗試開動,雖然還在測試階段,但也是要開放出來的。而我們首個於Shop Madness內發售的就是好友品牌RMC新支線MKWS的頸巾,而RMC更以MADNESS的圖案內的紅色製成了全紅色的特別版給我們獨家發售!!這頸巾除了一面是印有MKWS, RED MONKEY COMPANY, U NEVER TRY U NEVER KNOW外,另一面就是RMC常見的海浪花,而這個頸巾是可以雙面使用的,剛好最近香港的氣溫下降,寒冷的天氣也就是十分適用這個頸巾的時候,而聖誕節快來臨,它也是送禮的絕佳選擇,而且價錢相宜,只是港幣180元!還有,只是限量20枚,先到先得。


After the official launch of MADNESS,  we are now starting our Online Shop – Shop Madness!! This is the beta version for testing but we have something exclusive for all !

To celebrating our launch, our good friend at RMC had designed a TRUE RED MKWS Neckwarmer EXCLUSIVELY for our online shop. Inspired by the MADNESS Logo color, the neck warmer comes printed with MKWS, RED MONKEY COMPANY and U NEVER TRY U NEVER KNOW on one side and a wave patterns on the other, which can used both way. This neck warmer is very useful for cold weather and a very nice gift for the coming X’mas too.

This Neck Warmer is only available EXCLUSIVELY at SHOP MADNESS for $25usd only with super limited 20 pieces worldwide. Get it before its gone!

Click this LINK to buy it now!

2 Responses to “RMC MKWS x MADNESS True Red Neckwarmer”

  1. [...] 同時間要感謝各位好友的支持,特別是要再一次感謝RMC的馬田先生大力支持下,以madness圖案的紅色制造了一個既細少方便又保暖的頸巾,獨家給我的shop madness售賣,而這個mkws x madness的頸巾就順利成章地成為shop madness的第一個產品,還是極限量的!!!!結果反應很不錯!實在感謝各位!! [...]

  2. [...] Most of the colors are available at SELEVEN GALLERY now except NAVY (MKWS EXCLUSIVE), BLACK & GREY (WNP) and TRUE RED (SHOP MADNESS EXCLUSIVE). [...]

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