Nike Cortez – Year of the Tiger


今年NIKE就選取Cortez 作為設計鞋款,整雙鞋大部份的位置都由馬毛覆蓋,鞋側的尼龍上印有虎的斑紋,鞋墊也是有虎紋的凹凸形狀,而鞋舌的皮革上就壓有“寅“的中文字。

Since 2002 Nike had released series of shoes to commemorate each Lunar New Year ( Chinese Lunar New Year is represented by a different animal in a twelve years cycle ).

The coming Lunar New Year will be the Year of the Tiger and Nike had chosen the Cortez model for the release. The Cortez are designed in the form of a Tiger, with fur and Tiger straps donning the shoe with the distinguish “Tiger” written in traditional Chinese character. Release date and price to be released soon so stay tune !