Latest Juice pop-up store invades Taiwan

The all conquering boys from CLOT has stepped up a gear on their plans for global domination in street culture by opening yet another store outside their native homeland of Hong Kong. Following the opening of Juice in Kuala Lumpur in June and Shanghai just a week ago, the boys have made their first foray into the Taiwanese market by opening their latest pop-up store, named ‘Juice Stand’ in Taipei today along with an exhibition showcasing the entire ALIENEGRA collection with some items coming directly from Edison Chen’s personal collection which were previously for family and friend’s only. The decal of the store sticks to the theme that is used throughout all the other Juice locations, mixing in light coloured wooden furniture with bright lighting to bring out the vibrant colours of their current cut and sew collection, aptly titled “From Dusk Till Dawn”. The pop-up store will open from the 22nd of December and will remain in operation for 2 months, which after that we may see a full-fledged Juice store opening in 2010.

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Noisy Launch in Taiwan

First stepping into Taiwanese Market

JUICE Stand starts in Taipei

Year 2009, it is definitely a good harvest to CLOT, since the opening of JUICE KL in Malaysia, and JUICE SH on December. Soon after the JUICE SH, CLOT finally establishes the foundation in Taiwan by setting up the JUICE Stand in Taipei. Guess all could feel CLOT Crew’s working spirit so enthusiastically. CLOT will bring the latest Fall Winter collection, From Dusk Till Dawn to Taiwan, and hope to encourage the Taiwanese youth to develop their own identity with sense and style through their platform. And the JUICE Stand new logo is actually a fruitful strawberry like; indicates to bring you freshness things at anytime.

2009年12月,對CLOT 來說絕對是一個豐收的月份,推出的限量單品一樣接一樣,最重要的是店開過一間又一間,在月初上海店剛成立不久,即於台北設立期限店,實在令你感受到CLOT CREW 團隊的熱情和努力不懈的精神。JUICE TW Stand售賣的是CLOT 本年度最新系列的From Dusk Till Dawn Collection ,希望在台灣市場參一腳,把最新的街頭文化及創作精神帶到寶島。當然,JUICE Stand的 LOGO是嶄新設計,一貫CLOT 堅持的原創,希望如果汁般,帶予更多新鮮感給大家。


You may find the well-known ALIENEGRA pattern of CLOT on the wall of JUICE Stand. The ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO decoration entitles with a two-month ALIENEGRA EXHIBITION holding at this venue. All the ALIENEGRA products released by CLOT from 2005 – 2009, will all being displayed at the venue, which includes some of the private exclusive collection from Edison Chen and his team. Some are very rare and even available in the market before. Just drop by and see these Precious full collections of ALIENEGRA at JUICE Stand!

JUICE Stand 店舖外牆以JUICE 著名的ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO PATTERN作題,以示舉行為期兩月的ALIENEGRA 展覽。場內會展示多年內,JUICE 曾推出的所有ALIENEGRA 產品,其中有些是CLOT 團隊以致是主腦人Edison Chen 的私人珍藏、有的是非賣品,絕對是千金難求呢!要窺看有什麼特別秘品,就不容錯過為期兩個月的私物珍藏呢!

Shop Interior Design 店內設計

There is not much construction at the JUICE Stand venue, but you can easily sense the same feeling with the JUICE flagship store in Hong Kong, Stores in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, giving you a very neat, simple but modern stylish feeling. The theme color is the sleek white, with two levels, ground floor and underground. The newest FROM DUSK TILL DAWN products by CLOT will be displayed on the ground floor, and getting into the underground, it will be the ALIENEGRA EXHIBITION venue, showing the pieces of unique pattern products. Impressive ALIENEGRA decoration inside the store fits with the theme of ALIENEGRA EXHIBITION in this tidy shop.

JUICE TW期限店鋪今次在裝潢上未有大興土木,維持香港總店、上海、吉隆坡分店的特色風格,貫徹一向予人乾淨時尚的感覺,全店以白色為主,共兩層 – 地面及地下。地面會陳列今季 CLOT FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 最新推出的產品,地下會是展覽之場地及 FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 其餘的設計。由於今次的期限店更為ALIENEGRA EXHIBITION ,所以在簡潔的店內,也到處可見ALIENEGRA 的影子。

Periodic JUICE Stand in Taipei 為期兩月

The JUICE stand will last for two months and starts on 22 December, 20009. It will be the only official platform of JUICE in Taiwan, showing Taiwan fans and trendy people about CLOT’s latest design and favorite items. Thus, don’t miss out this chance to connect with the trendiest culture on Dun Hwa South Road. There will be a causal ceremony on the 22nd, by then, Taiwan fashionasta and celebrities will drop by and greet the opening.

JUICE TW Stand作為期限概念店鋪,由十二月二十二日開始營業, 此期限店會是JUICE 在台灣的直接平台;台灣的潮流愛好者,想接觸更多JUICE的最新動向, 更多強勁聯名合作的產品,就不能錯過位於敦化南路期限店吧!屆時,台灣的時尚潮流名人都會出席開幕典禮呢!

Characteristics of the periodical store 期限店特色

As a pop-up store, of course there will be some special items available. And the first round of JUICE Stand in Taiwan is the most popular ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO PATTERN (Beige). CLOT has reserved numerous pieces of this hot items at the very beginning, so just come to grab your own ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO PARKA at JUICE Stand!

說得上是期限店,推出的當然不會是一般的貨品,首回帶來台灣朋友的,是近來大熱的ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO PATTERN (Beige)。為了迎接今次的JUICE TW Stand 成立,特別預留部份ALIENEGRA DESERT CAMO PATTERN給台灣的朋友。

JUICE Stand TW Address :No. 38, Dun Hwa South Road, Section 1, Alley 161.Taipei, TW / 台灣台北市敦化南路一段161巷38號