Nike Sportswear Presents – Street Art Collection

With the World Cup final in South Africa 4 months away, Nike has fused football-oriented themes and features and have integrated into their NSW S/S 2010 collection. Within it is a special series of 6 collections that is dedicated to the 6 countries they are sponsoring in the finals. Titled the Street Art Series, Nike has invited a street arties from that respective country to design and create a range of clothing and footwear in a bid to demonstrate the notion that football is a universal language that can transcend to people from different background, different language from different cultures.

The 6 countries and their representing artist are:

–          United Kingdon: James Jarvis

–          Netherland: Delta

–          United States of America: Mister Cartoon

–          France: SO ME

–          South Africa: Kronk

–          Brazil: Nunca

Each collection consist of a series of t-shirt, polo shirt, jackets and footwear that is done up using that countries signature colour, such as the Brazil collection with its iconic yellow and green and the Netherland with orange and paired up with a icon or a graphic print that id designed by the represented artist.

Currently there is no known release date for the collection but you can bet it will be sometime before June to coincide with the World Cup.

South Africa

United States of America


United Kingdom