Rude Gallery Maria Souvenir Satin Jacket

madness magazine,

Rude Gallery 每年都會推出一件以其有名的聖母圖的外套,而今年的款式就是傳統日本色丁刺繡外套。

Rude Gallery fascination with Maria is reflected in their yearly release of product with this iconic image. This year they have released the Maria Satin Jacket, should we say more ?

這外套以藍色為主色,前方胸前都有 praying hands 的刺繡,而背部就是聖母的刺繡,除些之外今次 Rude Gallery 也特制了一個印有聖母圖的紙盒作為包裝。以往 Rude Gallery 推出聖母為題的服飾時必定會很快元賣,而這件也不例外,於日本推出後不用3天就已經全日本元賣,幸好香港的代理 INCREDIBLE 從 Rude Gallery 裡那裡引入了幾件。

The jacket comes in a special box set and it was sold out within three days of release. For those who want this badly, check out INCREDIBLE SHOP HONG KONG as they have imported very limited quantity !

INCREDIBLE – 香港尖沙咀加連威老道69號2樓。2/F, 69 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong