Nike Sportswear presents – HTM2 Run Boot TZ

After being put in hiatus status for the past 5 years, Nike has finally resurrected the legendary HTM line for the Nike Sportwear collection this spring/summer.

HTM2 stands for ‘H’iroshi Fujiwara (founder of Fragment Design, Godfather of Streetwear), ‘T’inker Hatfield (Nike Special Projects Director), ‘M’ark Parker (Nike CEO) and new addition to the team,  ‘M’ark Smith (Global Creative Director of Jordan Brand).

由 Nike CEO Mark Parker,Nike首席設計師 Tinker Hatfield 和潮流教父、Fragment Design創立人 Hiroshi Fujiwara 三位的英文名字首個字母所組成的 HTM 系列,於早年曾推出一系列的鞋款,取得空前成功,炒賣能力一流直至今天還是各位搜購的鞋款之一。而5年後的今年,他們三位再一次把這個於 Nike 內極其傳奇的系列再次重新推出,並於今個春夏季正式推出!!

For those who weren’t around back in the day, Nike first released the HTM collection during 2004 where it was only sold in about 7 stores around the world which was handpicked by Nike (this was before Tier 0, Quickstrikes and Tier 1 accounts were around) for the release. The main emphasis of the HTM line is to use produce the highest quality sneaker using the latest technology along with premium materials.  The collection spanned across 9 different models: Air Woven Boot, Air Woven, Air Footscape Woven, Air Moc, Air Presto Roam, Air Macropus,  Air Terra Humara, Court Force and the crown jewel of the collection, Air Force 1. The last HTM release was the Air Footscape Woven which was limited to a release in Japan and then after that the project stopped completely when the 3 parties involved were occupied with other commitments.  Fast forward to 2010, Nike has released a new model for the series, the HTM2 Run Boot TZ.

先說回關於 Nike HTM 這個系列少許歷史,於2004年正式成立的 HTM 只在 Nike 於世界各地指名的7間店鋪內售賣!一向以來Hiroshi 都十分喜歡功能優閒鞋款,而 HTM 的成立他們便使用了當年 Nike 所擁有的最高科技再配上最優質的物料制造出9雙鞋款,而9雙鞋內的款式也是偏向功能優閒款式的,這9雙分別是 Air Woven Boot, Air Woven, Air Footscape Woven, Air Moc, Air Presto Roam, Air Macropus,  Air Terra Humara, Court Force 和為系列內的皇者 Air Force 1。而系列內最後一雙的 Air Footscape Woven 更只限定數量和限定於日本發售,隨之這個系列也停下來。然而經過5年後,他們就再一次重組 HTM 系列而成為了 HTM2,還公佈了最新的鞋款 HTM2 Run Boot TZ。

Coming in both high cut and low cut, the styling for the shoe has clearly taken influences from alot of classic running models from Nike’s vault – the one piece boot design and pull tabs comes directly from the Air Huarache and Air Presto, while the elastic gusset is a clear influence from the Air Presto Cage and the sole is a FREE 7.0 sole. The shoe can be worn and taken off quickly before and after each session.

這雙 HTM2 Run Boot TZ 的設計主要來自很多 Nike 的功能鞋款,像一體式鞋身設計和鞋上的耳扣就是來自 Air Huarache 和 Air Presto,而鞋身的腳背位置上的彈性膠的就是來自 Air Presto Cage,還有鞋底使用了 FREE 7.0 系統,整體就是把舒適度和穿著方便度提升。Nike 把這些鞋的優點組合後再加以改良,就變成了今日的 HTM2 Run Boot TZ,分別有高筒和低筒選擇。

The Nike HTM2 Run Boot is available exclusively in Japan and at 21 Mercer on Feb. 20th and March 1st, 2010.
這雙 Nike HTM2 Run Boot 於2010年2月20日只在日本發售,而美國的 21 Mercer 店將會於2010年3月1日發售。

Neutral Grey/White

Dark Obsidian/Pink/White