Nike reveals national team kits for FIFA World Cup 2010

Nike has officially unveiled the Team Kits during their global media presentation overnight for all their sponsored national teams who are participating in the FIFA World Cup Finals 2010 in South Africa that begins on the 11th of June. Many of the world’s leading players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho and Ji-Sung Park will take to the pitch in South Africa this summer wearing the most environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced kit in football’s history. For the first time, all of Nike’s national teams, including Brazil, Portugal and The Netherlands, will be wearing jerseys made entirely from recycled polyester, each one produced from up to eight recycled plastic bottles.


「今個夏天在南非,Nike將會為賽事中所有極出的球員提供嶄新及最創新的產品,為足球員取得優勢。」Nike品牌主席Charlie Denson說。「隨著今天的發佈,我們不只為運動員配備了外觀及性能同樣優越的球衣,並且是以再生物料製造,減少對環境的影響。」

“This summer in South Africa Nike will give footballers an edge by providing the newest and most innovative product for the game’s greatest players,” said Charlie Denson, President, Nike Brand. “With today’s announcement, we are equipping athletes with newly designed uniforms that not only look great and deliver performance benefits, but are also made with recycled materials, creating less impact on our environment.”


To make the 2010 national team kits, Nike’s fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites and then melted them down to produce new yarn that was ultimately converted to fabric for the jerseys.

Alexandre Pato – Brazil / AC Milan


This process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent compared to manufacturing virgin polyester. By using recycled polyester for its new range of national jerseys, Nike prevented nearly 13 million plastic bottles, totaling nearly 254,000 kg of polyester waste, from going into landfill sites. This amount would be enough to cover more than 29 football pitches. If the recycled bottles used to make the jerseys were laid end-to-end they would cover more than 3,000 kilometres, which is more than the entire coastline of South Africa.


The national team kits represent an important step in the process to make all Nike products more sustainable.


In addition, all the national team kits have been designed with each country’s national culture and identity in mind. Nike understands the pride athletes experience playing for their country so each kit has been designed to represent the heritage and unique football culture of the nine national teams.

Nani – Portugal / Manchester United



Kit Innovations

Considering the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing the innovative performance elements of Nike’s kits. For this summer’s finals, the kits have been designed to keep players drier, cooler and more comfortable, allowing them to maintain an optimum body temperature and perform at their best on the pitch.

Clint Dempsey – USA / Fulham

經改良後的Nike Dri-FIT面料現比原先的面料輕13%,通過將人體汗水吸收並排至織物面料表層,使球員保持乾爽,而球衣兩側和球褲腰帶下面的散熱區增加了透氣效果的處理,使球員倍感涼爽。球衣兩側均設計有散熱區,以增強面料的透氣性。與之前的球衣相比,新款球衣的面料將空氣流通範圍增大7%,這樣就使球員感覺更為涼爽。這些散熱區由200個細小的鐳射網眼組成,所採用的是Nike創新的halo應用技術,可以在不影響空氣流通的情況下防止斷裂。

Improved Nike Dri-Fit fabric, now 13 percent lighter than previous Nike kit fabrications, helps keep players dry by drawing sweat to the outside of the garment where it evaporates. Ventilation zones have been placed on each side of the jersey to enhance breathability, and are combined with a fabric that increases air flow by up to seven percent compared to previous kits. Air can now pass across a player’s whole torso, keeping him cooler. These ventilation zones consist of up to 200 tiny laser cut holes which are backed by Nike’s innovative halo application. This treatment prevents ripping without reducing air flow.


The Nike kit shorts also have additional ventilation zones placed below the waistband and near the base of the spine, so this area prone to high sweat levels will now be significantly drier.

Edson Braafheid – Netherlands / Celtic


The jersey’s new double knit structure not only gives it a sleeker appearance, while offering 10 percent more stretch than the last Nike national team kit jerseys , but also boasts a new dynamic fit  cut to follow the natural contours of the body while still allowing for maximum airflow and movement.

球員亦會將Nike Pro Combat的獨特優勢加入球衣當中。採用了人體工學的設計,Nike Pro Combat的貼身防護短褲可以在發生撞擊及擦傷時起到保護的作用,還有保暖貼身上衣,在惡劣的環境下為球員的頸部提供最貼身的保護。

Players will also incorporate the unique benefits of Nike Pro Combat into their respective national team kits. Featuring an engineered system of dress, Pro Combat includes Slider and Impact shorts for added protection against light impact and abrasion along with a therma Mock that protects players’ necks against harsh conditions.

CY Lee – South Korea / Bolton Wanderers


The teams wearing Nike’s new national team jerseys in South Africa are: Brazil, The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, and Slovenia. National team home kits will be available May 1st globally at local Nike store locations and Away national team kits will be available starting February 25th, 2010.

Nike 2010年國家隊球衣將於5月1日全球Nike店舖及nikefootball.com同步發售。國家隊作客球衣將於2010年2月25日開始發售。欲知更多詳情,包括多媒體資料,請瀏覽

Robert Koren – Slovenia / West Bromwich Albion