Sticky: NOIZE – Charles Peterson INTERVIEW

提到樂隊 Nirvana 大家必然想到主音結他手 Kurt Cobain,而若果你們是 Nirvana / Kurt 的 Fans,我相信你們都會知道誰是 Charles Peterson - 一位在攝影界,音樂界極具地位的殿堂級攝影師,而我們 MADNESS 也幸運地能找到這位攝影師作出訪問。 

Mention NIRVANA and we are immediately reminded of Kurt Cobain, the lead vocal and guitarist of the most influential band of the 90s. Fans of Nirvana/Kurt Cobain definitely know the name of Charles Peterson. Born in Seattle, he is known as the unoffical photographer of the SUB-POP label and the grunge movement. MADNESS is honor and grateful to have an interview with Charles Peterson.

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