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With its prominent Skull and Bones logo, German football club F.C St. Pauli had build up a cult-like status of  being home to thousand of alternative left-leaning fans and is well known to be the first football club in Germany to officially ban rightwing, nationalist activities when fascist inspired hooliganism threatened the game across Europe. The organization has taken up an outspoken stance against racism, fascism, sexism, and homophobia and has embodied this position in its constitution.

Also among it’s unique feature is the St.Pauli FC brand that has turned into one of the most successful streetwear brands in Germany, by making products that come from the ground up and which reflect what is going on not only on the pitch but in its neighbourhood also.

足球隊推出附屬產品給各位球迷已經是見怪不怪的事,而足球政治化也是常有的事,但是一隊足球隊帶有崩克思想,反法西斯主義,反種族、性別歧視,禁止右翼主義等等,還有使用骷髏作為球隊標誌,相信各下可能從來都沒想像過,而最重要的就是這球隊除了建立球隊產品發售外還有設計一系列的時裝,把上述的思想主義放進這系列內,還成為一個很成功的品牌。這隊球隊,這個球會,這個品牌,就是出現在一個有很強大崩克文化的德國,名為 F.C St. Pauli

Our friend Steven Vogel over at The Reference Council had posted a great feature about the history of the cult like F.C St.Pauli and interview with Hendrik Lüttmer, who is the merchandiser/creative director at Upsolut and who is responsible for the brand that is St. Pauli

Head on down to the TRC and smell the spirits of Music, Anarchists and Football !

這個品牌現在是德國本土內其中一個最成功的品牌之一,除了放進其崩克等那些已提及過的思想主義外,其品牌風格還滲入很多在除了球場以外、城市裡不停發生而大家或許忘記沒留意的事,而我們的好友 Steven 就找來了這個品牌也同時是 Upsolut 的創作總監 Hendrik Lüttmer作訪問,並已放進了 Steven 的網站 The Reference Council 內。


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