CLOT x adidas Originals x Star Wars ‘Hothskatehigh’

Not too long after the release of the ‘Breath Series’ Superstar with adidas Originals and Kazuki Kuraishi, CLOT has once again drop the bomb and launched a special project that is part of this season’s adidas Originals x Star Wars collection.

於2010年春/夏季以星球大戰角色及場景為主題的adidas Originals STAR WARS 別注系列,深受大眾喜愛。而是次系列更破天荒推出兩個以CLOT主腦人Edison Chen概念而成並由 ILLVISUAL @ www.illvisual.com執行而成的球鞋及T-shirt款式系列,勢引發一眾潮人及星戰迷搶購潮!

A creative take on the  opening scene of Star Wars Episode 5 ‘Empire Strikes Back’, the Superskate has been given a overhaul with the brown suede outer panels and the furry lining a homage to the winter jackets in which the Rebel Alliance  troopers were wearing while fighting off the Galactic Empire from the Echo Base on the planet Hoth. The holographic panel on the side represents the polar auroras, while on the tongue are 2 images of the A-Wing, which was the vehicle which helped the Rebel troopers bringing down the Galactic Empire’s AT-AT walkers.

HothSkateHigh用上Superskate鞋款,加上rebellion厚毛衣特式及卡其色調,化身為rebellion們的服裝之一。HothSkateHigh整個鞋身內部都包裹著白色細毛,鞋身上亦配以彷Rebllion服裝的紋理,加上於卡其色主調上外的彩虹反光物料,除了加強未來感外,亦彷如雪地上的極光一樣,可見Edison於設計盡力追求完美的態度。鞋舌上亦與其他STAR WARS 別注系列一樣印上Rebellion所駕駛的戰機,極具收藏價值。

Besides the shoes, there is also a t-shirt that comes with the set. The concept of this shirt is “what do the Rebel Alliance troopers wear during their PE (physical education) classes?”. Besides the iconic 3-stripes on the side, it features a prominent print bearing the words “Rebellion Athletics” and a big Rebel Alliance logo.

有想過星戰人物們將戰場由太空轉到運動場上嗎?Rebellion Athletics T-shirt的概念源自星戰中各角色們於運動場上的運動衣。除了經典的adidas三間外,亦於胸前繡上代表Rebellion的圖案及背上印上Rebellion Atheltics圖案,把星戰概念靈活展現於時裝上。

The Hothskatehigh and Rebellion Athletic t-shirt will be available exclusively at Juice in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Malaysia, and also at Undefeated in Los Angeles, USA from the 20th of March.


Hothskatehigh: HKD$1300
Rebellion Athletic t-shirt: HKD$350
Hothskatehigh + Rebellion Athletic t-shirt set: HKD$1550

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