CLOT x Medicom Toys x levi’s ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Strawberry’ 1000% be@rbrick set

After the success of 100% and 400% Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbrick in 2009, CLOT is launching the 1000% version in late April! The project is a collaboration project by CLOT, Levis TW and Medicom Toy, and it will be released at all Juice outlets in very limited numbers.

由CLOT與日本玩具品牌Medicom Toy聯同台灣Levi’s合作推出的Watermelon 及Strawberry Be@rbrick 一向深得各Be@rbrick迷喜愛,繼早前推出的100%及400%後,CLOT於今年四月便推出大眾最愛的1000% 版本!各Be@rbrick迷絕對不能錯過!

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So as to support the launch, CLOT has invited different friends around the world to develop a travelogue series with their 1000% Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbrick in their respective region. Previously launched in, Michael Dupouy from LaMJC has presented his view of Be@rbrick at France followed by Vernie Yeung from RSA FILMS ASIA in United Kingdom. More and more friends of CLOT including KAWS from OriginalFake in USA, Kazuki Kuraishi from fragment design in Japan, Eason Chan from Hong Kong and not the least, CLOT’s Creative Director Edison Chen and Director Kevin Poon is going to present their travelogue with the Be@rbricks at This is going to be the most “tasty” travelogue ever in CLOT and so STAY TUNED!

Launched earlier in April, JUCIE TW has displayed the lovely 1000% Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbrick at the Levis corner. For those of you who would like to get a chance to take a preview of this cuddly toy, quickly check out JUICE TW!

是次的1000%Be@rbrick 除了一眾Be@rbrick迷外,各全球潮人亦踴躍支持,為大家帶出具各地特色的Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbrick TRAVELLOGUE。繼早前於clotinc.com率先公開的PART 1由法國La MJC主理人Michael Dupouy及PART 2由主居英國的 RSA FILMS ASIA 潮流達人Vernie Yeung後,CLOT 更會陸逐推出由美國當代著名街頭藝術家KAWS、日本潮流界著名設計師Kazuki Kuraishi、著名歌手陳奕迅及CLOT主腦人Edison Chen及Kevin Poon等等於世界各地為大家呈獻的TRAVELLOGUE,帶大家遊歷最具世界潮流風味的Be@rbrick之旅。

CLOT旗下的4間直營店鋪JUICE HK/KL/SH/TW將於4月30日向大家發放最新鮮的「果汁味」,而JUICE TW早前開幕更於特意設立的LEVIS展示區中 ,搶先展示出這兩款人見人愛的1000% Be@rbrick,引得一眾Be@rbrick迷蠢蠢欲動。

Price: HKD$5500 per set or HKD$2800 each.
Release date: 30th April, 2010

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