Nike ‘Elite Pack’ Football Boots

Nike has chosen to reveal it’s ‘Elite Pack’ football boots ahead of next month’s FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa. The 4 boots will be featured and worn by the many Nike sponsored football players at the tournament which includes Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina’s Sergio Aguero.

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NikeElite系列”- 世界頂級球員在南非大賽中的最輕足球靴

NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) today unveiled its supercharged Nike Elite Series football boots providing new levels of performance. Nike’s Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, CTR360 Maestri, Total90 Laser III and Tiempo Legend III all feature new performance upper to improve on-field visibility and a reengineered outsole to deliver lightweight performance for every style of player.

Nike公司推出動力滿注的“Elite系列”足球靴,將足球靴的性能提升至新的水平。Nike的Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II、CTR360 Maestri、Total90 Laser III和Tiempo Legend III球靴皆採用了全新的高性能鞋面,提高球員在球場上的可見度,另外還採用了經過改良的底盤,為每種風格的球員提供輕量的性能。

Nike designers have reduced the weight of each boot so players can perform at their best. Lightweight construction, intricate engineering, carbon-enforced strength and high contrast colors distinguish the boots.


The high contrast colors (Metallic Mach Purple and Total Orange) are engineered together for enhanced visibility.  For a footballer this unique combination is designed to increase visual performance enabling them to quickly spot their teammates and execute a game-changing pass.

結合對比鮮明的色彩(金屬馬赫紫色Metallic Mach Purple和全橙色Total Orange),令球靴在場上的可見度得以增強。對於場上球員而言,這種獨特的組合帶來了更佳視覺效能,能夠讓他們迅速鎖定隊友位置,踢出足以改變比賽的傳球。

Lightweight performance and enhanced on-field visibility / 輕量性能和增強場上的可見度

Research shows that the average energy expenditure of an elite player is over 1,000 Kilo Calories per game for a 75kg player. Reducing the weight carried by players helps reduce the energy needed over the course of 90 minutes. By delivering lightweight supercharged performance to all four of Nike’s statement level boots the goal is to give players an edge in the final stages of a game.


Super-strong, lightweight carbon fiber plates mean the Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II is 5% lighter. The CTR360 Maestri is 19% lighter. Both the Total90 Laser III and Tiempo Legend III are 16% lighter.

超牢固的輕量碳纖維底盤為MV SuperFly II減輕了5%的重量。CTR360 Maestri的重量則減輕了19%,而Total90 Laser III和Tiempo Legend III的重量各減輕了16%。

An average person’s vision is 99% peripheral.  Under 1% is considered foveal, or focused vision.  To spark increased focus of peripheral vision Nike designers analyzed the color spectrum to identify two, high-contrast colors, so that when a player is running with these boots the colors trigger a stimulus to rapidly tune peripheral vision.  Mach Purple and Total Orange provided the perfect blend to create this effect and performance advantage.


The Elite Series is available to players at all levels and also incorporates Nike Football+ which features exclusive insider access to the world’s best coaches, players and teams for total game improvement.  Nike Football+ Master Series builds expertise in Control, Accuracy and Speed through elite insights and pro training. This includes a special Elite Series signature move from Atletico Madrid and Argentina star Sergio Aguero that will launch at the end of May.

“Elite系列”球靴適合各種水平的球員,同時包含了Nike Football+功能,憑藉Nike Football+專門的會員存取權限,他們可以獲得世界一流的教練、球員和球隊的指導來全面提高球技。Nike Football+ Master系列以它們專業的洞悉力和訓練內容,在控球、準確度和速度方面培養專項技能,當中還包括了將於五月底推出,馬德里體育會的阿根廷球星阿古路的一套個人招牌動作。

All four Elite Series boots, the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II, Nike CTR360 Maestri, Nike Total90 Laser III and Nike Tiempo Legend III, are available at retail and at as of May 22, 2010.

“Elie系列”的四款經典球靴 – MV SuperFly II、Nike CTR360 Maestri、Nike Total90 Laser和Nike Tiempo Legend III將於2010年5月下旬在零售店及www.nikestore.com發售。

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