RMC Summer 2010 Embroidery Jeans

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最新一季即夏季的 Red Monkey Company 刺繡丹寧褲終於推出,這回暫時有三個款式,分別為風雷神、金太郎和桃太郎、老虎。這三款式的手工細節不用多說,都是一貫 RMC 的風格,而個人比較喜歡金太郎和桃太郎的款式,刺繡極細膩之餘也能一褲擁有兩個經典的日本人物。

RMC released the Summer Collection of Embroidery Jeans with 3 new styles – HUUZINN RAIZINN, MOMOTARO & KINTARO and Embroidery Tiger. They are all coming with superb stitching and details specially the MOMOTARO & KINTARO one, one jeans you can get two legendary icon from Japan.

We are now accpet the pre order. Please check SHOP MADNESS for more info.