CLOT x Levi’s Python 505 Rigid Denim Jeans

CLOT and Levi’s has done it again – as part of their 6th anniversaray, CLOT and Levi’s has teamed up once following their last collaboration earlier this year with a new pair of denim based on the 505 model, the most frequently used canvas by the CLOT boys. Genuine python leather is used inside the hem of the jeans, as well as on the lable patch which is then embossed in gold foil. Other features of the jeans include multi-coloured studs on the belt loop and green and purple selvedge on the hem.

The jeans will release in limited numbers at all JUICE stores as well as their online store on the 28th of May for HKD$3,380.

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Levi’s ® ×CLOT 2010 強勢推出
CLOT x Levi’s® Python 505 Rigid Jeans

Levi’s® and CLOT collaborations have always been a hit to the market. Following the success in 2009 including the kzKLOT Levi’s® Platinum & GOLD jeans collection and CLOT x Levi’s® Copper Jeans 505 & Gold Denim Jacket, Levi’s® and CLOT proudly present the limited CLOT x Levi’s® Python 505 Rigid Jeans, which will be launched in 28th May, 2010. Using genuine python leather, this jean is going to be one of the special items celebrating the 6th Anniversary of CLOT!

Levi’s® 與CLOT的合作一向從無間斷,繼上年大行其道的 kzKLOT Levi’s® Platinum & GOLD 牛仔褲及CLOT x Levi’s®  Copper Jeans 505 & Gold Denim Jacket後,於2010年5月28日推出限量版由蟒蛇真皮打造的 CLOT x Levi’s® Python 505 Rigid Jeans,並為CLOT 六週年慶典打頭陣!

The statement piece

A luxurious and lavish touch is added to the Python 505 Rigid Jeans with genuine python leather. The light indigo combined with the natural dye of the denim is just the right material for one to wear during the hot summer days! And with the coating effect, this look like the skin of a snake
 which the smoothness and shininess could be seen when there is light shone in the right directions. CLOT’s Creative Director, Edison Chen said ”Like a snake, CLOT have slithered our way quietly to the top. We can be harmless if not bothered
 or venomous and poisonous when uneasy.”

今次的Python 505蟒紋限量款,用上蟒蛇真皮原素,帶出極具高級時尚質感。在布料上特意選上靛藍色配上自然浸泡所製成的丹寧布,即使在悶熱的夏季也能穿得輕盈舒適!

This denim piece possesses many details – a python pattern for the inside of hems, which one can casually roll up to personally define their own street-wise chic. In addition, the bright green and vivid purple stitches definitely make this a statement piece.

而在細節方面,在褲管內部用上蟒蛇蚊路,只要隨意roll up,便可突出細緻紋理。搭配上鮮綠色與鮮紫色的布邊,別具型格。加上Coating effect,在光線下的Python 505 Rigid就像蛇身的鱗片一樣。

Other than the Levi’s® logo in each pair of jeans, the genuine python leather used in the label have made each of the Python 505 one of a kind. With the gold foils on the hip pocket together with multi-colored studs on the belt loop, this jean’ s finishes is really subtle and yet eye catching.

皮標的部份是由蟒蛇真皮製成,所以每條Python 505 Rigid 都是全球獨有的,加上由金箔製成的雙馬商標,絕對珍貴;而褲子後口袋的鷹型弧線均採金箔印刷,在皮帶環上也融入了金字塔形狀的四色鉚釘、銅扣與銅環等元素,在硬朗的蟒紋背後,增添一點玩味。

More exciting projects of CLOT and Levi’s® are coming in the near future, so stay tuned with!

於2010的下半年尚有更多CLOT和Levi’s® 精彩合作陸逐發放!密切留意 的最新消息!


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