Nike x CLOT 6th Anniversary GS Polo Shirt

As part of the upcoming celebration of the re-location of the Juice store in Hong Kong and their 6th Anniversary, CLOT has teamed up with a number of brands to producing a range of limited edition product for that special day.

The first product that is announced is a special GS Polo Shirt by Nike, which has been a core item in the NSW range this season. Like all previous Nike and CLOT collaboration, CLOT has infused traditional Chinese elements in the garment in the form of a Chinese-style buttons which is commonly seen on garments worn during festive periods on the Chiense calendar.

No other details or photos has been announced right now besides this polo shirt will be available at all Juice stores, so stayed tuned for more information.

為慶祝CLOT六周年及JUICE HK喬遷之喜,CLOTNIKE特意推出全新設計的GS POLO限量版,以全新色系再續中國風Polo潮!這次於Polo的設計上延續了CLOT最愛的中國風特色,用上中國式鈕扣於GS Polo 上。更多有關此POLO的資料將於日內公佈,敬請留意!