Iphone 4g released in WWDC

我想很多日在今早已看過 apple 的wwdc 又或者在他的官方網站查閱過iphone 4g 的資料吧。老實說我依然是比較喜歡3gs 的外型,不過新的技術真的很吸引,像雙鏡頭視像對話,multi-task,資料夾和電郵資料夾等都是極有用的!

I think most of you guys already checked the WWDC a while ago or maybe click to apple.com to see the information about iphone 4g. I love the new genaration of the techs specally video calls, multi-task and folders options all good for working but sorry that i still love the outlook of the 3gs.