Nike Air Force 1 ‘Foamposite’

有一定年資的 NBA 粉絲們,相信都不會忘記90年代的後佐敦時代,在佐敦退休的期間,曾有不少新星湧現並被大家稱為佐敦接班人,而其中當年最受注目,被大眾認為最接近的就是外號PENNY 的 Anfernee Hardaway。當時PENNY 的出現很快就被 NIKE 選中了推出個人系列的球鞋,同時因佐敦退休令其專屬球鞋 Air Jordan 也暫時失去光彩,PENNY 的球鞋一直有售賣保證,特別是 Foamposite 系列,那種高科技、金屬感覺的物料,流線外型,還有魔術隊專用藍色,未推出就已令各位神魂癲倒,其後更推出了全白和全黑的版本。而 NIKE 於今季就把這雙曾經風靡一時的籃球鞋作為參考,把設計放在 Air Force 1 上。

I’m sure readers who has been following the NBA through the mid-90’s era where Michael ‘His Airness’ Jordan was still around would have heard or muttered the words ‘Foamposite’ before. The Nike Air Foamposite One was the signature shoe for Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway, who was given the title of Jordan’s successor shortly after his retirement, and also found it’s way through to up-and-coming players out of NCAA such as Mike Bibby. For this coming season, Nike Sportwear has decided to move it’s Foamposite technology to be used on it’s Air Force 1 model.

1997年當 Air Foamposite 1 推出時,震動了全球,以高科技物料做成,為當時運動品牌內的第一人,鞋身以超輕巧透氣和耐用的膠物料制,硬度適中增加了保護,而其無縫的設計更是先驅,當然還有流線型的外型。

Back in 1997, the Air Foamposite One brought shockwaves to the footwear design industry by bringing in new technology in footwear production, as well as setting a few standards which all Nike basketball shoes has followed ever since. The upper body of the shoe is produced using a thermoplastic material, which is heated and molded into the shape, and is seemless all around besides the lace hole. The thermoplastic material will then be cooled after the molding process and turn into a very hard and durable, yet lightweight material.

除了鞋身上的保護增強和,於鞋底部份新增了碳纖維物料令穿上後保護性能增加外也能更適合腳形以控制,另外前後掌位置加了 Zoom Air 避震系統,把避震性能補強。

The fore foot and rear foot area contains Zoom Air insoles, as well as a full-length carbon fiber shank plate to give the wearer total control and protection.

而今季 NIKE 就以把 Foamposite 作為參考,把其鞋身上的物料設計都放進Air Force 1 Hi上,暫時公開的只有白色,相信將會有藍色和黑色版本吧。發售日期和價錢也有待公佈,請留意我們以後的報導。

For this Air Force 1 Foamposite release, Nike decided to use the Air Force 1 Hi model while trying to stick to the original model by giving it a complete Foamposite material upper and clear outsole. No release dates have been announced, so stay tuned for more information.

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