DIZZEE RASCAL x RMC Charity Project Denim for World Cup 2010

世界盃已經開始了幾天,相信各位足球發燒友已經看得熱血沸騰。其實每屆世界盃都會推出大量的產品,由精品飾物到衣服都會找得到,不過偏偏在丹寧褲就是特別少,但在今屆終於都有一條世界盃主題的丹寧褲推出:因英國的超級明星 DIZZEE RASCAL 唱出了 “SHOUT” 這首歌為英格蘭於世界盃打氣,同時也實行了一個慈善企劃,於是找來了Red Monkey Company 負責生產這丹寧褲。這丹寧褲不會作公開發售,只作慈善用途。

另外, 可以於以下看到”SHOUT” 的video 也替英格蘭國家隊加油吧。

World Cup 2010 South Africa already started few days and i believed that all football lovers already MAD about that. Actually every World Cup will release lots of products for celebrating also for collection. This year UK SUPERSTAR DIZZEE RASCAL released a song “SHOUT” to support ENGLAND FOOTBALL TEAM in World Cup 2010 and started a charity project which teamed up Red Monkey Company for the production of the jeans. This pair of jeans is not for sell item and only for CHARITY!

BTW, check out the song “SHOUT” to support ENGLANG FOOTBALL TEAM after the jump!