CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection

It’s Summer time! With the feeling of boiling hot weather, surely that the summer heat wave wouldn’t leave us for a while. To cure the heat and thirsty feelings, it is best to take a big bite of some fresh juicy fruits. For ordinary fruit choices such as apple and oranges are too common, let’s go for a change with exotic fruits like melon, dragon fruit, pineapple and mangostine. As urbanites, sometimes we are too busy to take time off for a summer trip, so why not going to some outlying islands and countryside enjoying the bright sunshine and sea breeze, of course, need to bring along the Exotic Fruit Be@rbicks as accompany!

正式踏入暑假,天氣酷熱非常,想消暑解渴而又達到健康宗旨的話,吃一口鮮甜多汁的水果便最好不過了!除了一般較普遍的水果如蘋果、橙等,充滿著東南亞風情的蜜瓜、火龍果、鳳梨、山竹更是稱心的選擇,皆因作為繁忙的都市人,若無法抽空來趟夏日之旅,不妨到離島或郊外,邊享受陽光與海灘,邊吃著美味解渴的水果,最重要當然是與Exotic Be@rbricks同行,齊拍一輯夏日照吧!

Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection – 蜜瓜Melon

Be Exotic! Exotic Fruits With Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks / 打造異國風味的熱帶水果Be@rbricks

Following the success of the Strawberry and Watermelon Be@rbricks Collecion, CLOT proudly presents the Exotic Be@rbricks Collection!

繼草莓與西瓜Be@rbrick 的成功熱賣,得到不少熱烈的回應,延續下去的水果系列則是夏日充滿東南亞度假Feel的熱帶水果Be@rbricks!

We all know that the CLOT Family loves travelling and outgoing, to choose the best summer destination with sandy beaches, the sun and a variety of fresh fruits, South East Asia would be it! This time our inspiration comes from tropical exotic fruits, not just because they are tasty, they also have special different shapes and summer colors, making them attractive and irresistible to have.

CLOT Family也是喜歡到處旅行的團隊,同時擁有最美的陽光沙灘以及新鮮的水果,東南亞的度假勝地便是最佳之選!這次以熱帶水果為靈感,全因熱帶水果不僅味道甜美誘人,而且形狀各異,顏色豔麗迷人,相當特別。

Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection – 鳳梨Pineapple

Only by looking at the Exotic Be@rbricks Collection, you can already tell what kind of fruits are they as their colors and patterns are so close to the real fruits. Launching four Exotic fruits this time: Melon, Dragon fruit, Pineapple and Mangostine with both 100% and 400% in size, these Be@rbricks make another hit to people at all age and sexes.


Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection – 山竹Mangostine

Try to imagine that we are sitting under the palm trees with mild breeze, accompanying with the lovely Exotic Be@rbricks, how wonderful and relaxing? Let’s come and join the CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Be@rbricks Collection!

我們帶著100分的心情去欣賞,假想隨風搖曳的棕櫚樹在旁,每只Be@rbrick都展現出鮮果獨特風味以及令人無法抗拒的鮮活熱力,快來加入CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy的Exotic  Fruit Be@rbricks水果行列吧!

Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection – 火龍果Dragon Fruit

Photo Credit: Harlim@Glam:Fab

Price: HKD$780 per set (400% + 100% be@rbrick)

Release Date: 8th July, 2010


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