Lacoste x Bodega Esteban

This summer, Lacoste Footwear from France has teamed up with the famous Boston-based sneaker store Bodega to give their classic Esteban model a complete overhaul.

今個初夏,Lacoste Footwear再有新搞作!著名法國品牌今趟將和美國波士頓著名潮店Bodega攜手把經典鞋款Esteban來一次大革新。大膽採用沙漠色調,將Lacoste 一貫的舊有形象徹底改造,帶出其粗獷的另一面。

Limited to 250 pairs in the world, Lacoste and Bodega decided to give this aging model a new look. The shoe utilizes a brown leather upper, the insoles of the shoe also contains graphical images of American-Indian symbols and art, 3 sets of shoe laces (yellow, brown and navy) and a custom tag with the words ‘Bodega’ stitched on the tongue.

與Bodega 的這款限量設計,是Lacoste Esteban自推出以來第一次跳出固有的框框,來一次大變身。大膽地採用了在高筒運動鞋上罕見的咖啡色主調,再配上柔軟的上等麂皮,除粗野的外觀外亦不忘顧及用家雙腳的感受。鞋身內裡更印有美國印第安人的傳統藝術圖案,鞋舌亦縫上「Bodega」字樣,讓這款全球限量250對的Bodega X Esteban 更具特色。同時亦配備上三款不同顏色的鞋帶 (米黃色、咖啡色及深藍色),方便一眾潮流男女配襯不同服飾。

Now available at MiXTRA in Hong Kong for HKD$1,100.

以上產品現已於 Mixtra 有售.  HKD$1,100