Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth

Spookycore and emo bands take note: The horror themes and the Crimson Ghost shirts that you adorn on your inked sleeves pale in comparison to what Glenn Danzig has done with just one bellow telling your mother to keep you in the dark for life.

After 6 years since his last full length release, Danzig returns with his 9th album Deth Red Sabaoth (Evilive/The End Records) along with drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative), bassist Steve Zing (Marra’s Drug) and guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong) to complement the current incarnation but does this compromise the bluesy heavy metal sound that Danzig is renowned for years? Like Slayer, Glenn Danzig believes in sticking with the same formula to ensure consistency throughout its discography and it has become one of the main reasons why bands and fans alike revere Danzig along with lyrics that touches on taboos, horror and haemoglobins. Containing 11 tracks, Deth Red Sabaoth kicks off with Hammer Of The Gods that begins in signature Danzig style consisting of catchy riffs, deep drawls and singalong choruses that are prevalent throughout the entire album. Incidentally, the presence of Kelly injects a Type O Negative influence in its interludes and giving Danzig a gothic thrash layer to explore with great success. Not leaving the bulk of the work to his sessionists, Glenn leaves his imprint in each and every one of the songs such as the horror lullaby Black Candy where he plays the drums with an unorthodox drum pattern and Pyre Of Souls where shades of the Black Aria albums can be felt. The first single On A Wicked Night definitely bridges the genre gaps altogether and to anyone who has missed out the early years of their life, this song should do the trick in getting the attention to explore the album and the Danzig legacy in whole.

While The Misfits are trying to find the right formula with numerous line up changes, Danzig continues to become the flag bearer of horror rock and Deth Red Sabaoth is a clear indication that Glenn Danzig’s age belies the exuberance of this muscle bound reaper as it takes a legend to show how gore is being done without the need for make up

Tracks To Blast: Ju Ju Bone, Black Candy, The Revengeful

Complements With: Samhain, The Misfits, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Sons Of Sam


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