Strawberries are especially taste good from March to August every year, which is why is good for summer to eat the sweetest and juicy strawberries, in order to cool the heat down! CLOT Family knowing that strawberries are good stuff for everyone, so decided to launch the popular CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE. This Fruity tee is different from the previous summer holiday spot item CLOT ICE-CREAM LOGO TEE, it is only light blue and red in colors, making the strawberries looking so attractive, even though if you got strawberry allergy, you can still wear this CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE!

每年的3月至8月都是士多啤梨最好吃、最鮮甜的時候,適逢夏天天氣炎熱,吃士多啤梨則可達清熱解暑、生津止渴之效,CLOT Family亦是因為以上幾點,推出男女老幼都甚喜愛的CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE,這款水果Tee與之前的夏日限定單品CLOT ICE-CREAM LOGO TEE有所不同,不是五顏六色,淺藍的底色反襯出紅紅士多啤梨的新鮮和吸引力,對士多啤梨敏感的你,不能吃也能穿吧!

This time CLOT Logo Tee still playing with the summer theme, but change from the previous Ice-cream dessert to the fruits collection, here comes the strawberries! With the successful launch of CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Fruit and the Watermelon and Strawberry Be@rbricks before, CLOT really thinks that there is a strong feeling for the fruits! The first time launching the fruit collection tee, using the fresh light blue color as background, surely you could enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries and the sea breeze summer!

這回CLOT的 Logo Tee繼續玩夏日風情,但是由甜品雪糕轉戰水果行列 – 士多啤梨!早前推出的CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks受歡迎指數極高,再之前的西瓜及士多啤梨Be@rbricks亦是搶購一空,這足以證明CLOT與水果極有緣份,今回決定推出首件水果Tee,更以全新的淺藍色作底色,有置身於藍藍海洋之感覺,讓你一邊享受士多啤梨的甜美,一邊渡過舒適夏日!

Release Date: 11th Aug, 2010

Price: $580HKD


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