CLOT x Levi’s Presents: Survivor Denim 505 Jeans

After the success of launching the CLOT x Levi’s® Python 505 Washed Jean, CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans is the latest collaboration of CLOT and Levi’s®. The jeans itself carries similar designing concepts as the Python, they are both using add-on materials, but Survivor Denim is a little more than special by using waterproof and 3M reflective materials etc, if you look at it by details, it is not hard to tell how tough and strong the jeans is!

繼JUICE HK 於6週年推出的Spot Item CLOT x Levi’s®  Python 505 Washed Jeans後,CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans 為 CLOT和Levi’s® 合力研製的最新品,都是和早前的設計概念相乎,採用在牛仔布中混入不同質地的物料,但今回特別在於那些物料可在廢墟及廢物堆當中隨意找到,例如破爛布料、防水及3M反光物料等,單看牛仔褲的外型和顏色用料配搭已有強勁耀眼的感覺,再仔細看每一處細節位,一定不難發現CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans的堅毅精神。

THE BLACK SUN collection specially used 3M reflective materials in design, which reflects that even though there will be no light source at the “most extreme times”, the 3M reflective materials would still be a guide for the future. Also, at “most extreme times”, there must be natural disasters that everywhere could be flooded and destroyed, then the waterproof materials and knee pads on the jeans could perform its function, making CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans very functional.

THE BLACK SUN系列特別採用了3M反光物料於衣履上,反映就算在黑暗世界沒有燈火照明,3M反光物料都能引路,末日前天災必有,到處泥濘水浸,那時褲腳的防水物料便有大派用場之時,而褲身的3M反光物料亦能引領前路,膝蓋上的人造皮護膝也有助攀山越嶺,可見CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans的背後構思是集多功能於一身。

Release Date: 21st Aug, 2010

Price: HKD$2,900
售價: HKD$2,900

Selling Point: ONLY Available at JUICE Stores & Online Store
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