adidas x Window 7 x Dorothy Tang in adidas Original Concept Store

adidas HK 聯同了 Microsoft 找來了 Dorothy Tang 共同設計了7 鞋款給 Window 7,也擺設在 adidas Originals Concept Store給大家觀賞,更可以參加抽獎得到其中一款鞋。另外我們也在展覽內訪問了 Dorothy,除了這個計劃外也關於她個人的。

adidas HK teamed up with Microsoft & Dorothy Tang to design 7 adidas shoes and exhibited in adidas Originals Concept Store now. Also we did an interview with Dorothy about the projects & herself.


展覽地點 / VENUE:
adidas Originals Concept Store – 銅鑼灣名店坊京士頓街6B / Shop B, 6 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay.