OBSCURA,相信這個名字最近在各位潮流時裝愛好者都會經常看到,這本由 SILLY THING、《Milk》雜誌、Think-Silly Web Magazine創辦人 – TK 最新創立的書刊,有別於以往的風格,不再集中於潮流時裝上,更以潮流時裝裡引伸出更多生活化的東西,再演變成為一篇篇有趣的文章和專題,而找來了不同地方的人來寫作,也能令我們更易感受到不同地方的文化,也能看到那位作者的另一面,甚至是各位從沒意想到的東西。

由於書本的發行至世界各地,當中也以中英文對照寫作,在香港的媒體行業裡也是少見的。而第一期的書更附送了 SILLY THING 特製的 TOTE BAG,可惜的是第一期已在極短時間內售罄,大家也只能夠希望第二期的推出吧。

同時,於 Think-Silly 內更上載了關於 OBSCURA 的起源,訪問,簡介和 video。也許你已在之前 Milk 誌裡看到的,不過不妨一看再看吧。

OBSURA is a new publication by Hong Kong’s SILLY THING, the brain child of TK. Taking a contemporary lifestyle approach to it, Obsura is published in both English and Chinese, showcasing some interesting pieces on some of the most well known personalities and labels.

The first issue had been totally sold out. Do look forward to the second issue and at the same time, you can check out Think Silly website for an in depth view on the birth and production of OBSURA.

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