CLOT Alienegra Prawn Tee and Alienegra Catfood Tee – Online Store Exclusive!

「District 9」is an alien refugee camp that the humans allocated them there, so that they won’t harm others and formed their own “Prawns” community. This September, Alienegras are back and there will be 2 exclusive Alienegra Tees ONLY selling on Online Store! Both of them in terms of inspirations were based on the movie <District 9>, the design and fonts are unique and alien-ized, some wordings are upside down and the meaning behind each of them is inspirational.

人類為了安置這班外星難民,於南非劃出「District 9」收容區,讓異形定居,同時也禁止異形四散,今個9月 Online Store將推出兩款以電影<District 9>(<D9異形禁區>)為主題的限量Tee,在字型和設計方面都十分獨特,很有外星文的感覺,加上有某些字型是需要倒轉來看的,和一般的字樣Tee不同。

Alienegra Prawn Tee – I’m Prawn, I’m Proud

With the inspirations coming from the movie <District 9> , the “Prawns”(Aliens) are a massive group of refugees that being stuck in  District 9 for life. On the Alienegra Prawn Tee, the print “Prawn Proud” means: Even though we are Prawns, we are still very proud of ourselves!  This is the positive message that we want to spread out for others to know, no need to be ashamed, we should all be proud of whom we are.

靈感來自電影<District 9>(<D9異形禁區>)中的 “Prawns”外星人,牠們是一群外星難民,被困在District 9內生活,Alienegra Prawn Tee上的 “Prawn Proud” 二字是解: 我們雖是Prawns (外星人),但我們仍因此而驕傲!這正面道理是我們想發放出去的,每人都應為自己而感到驕傲。

Alienegra Catfood Tee – Will Work For Catfood

The Prawns that live in District 9 only love eating catfood, they think catfood is the most amazing, and they would definitely fight for it, work hard for it, just like the slogan on the Alienegra Catfood Tee “Will Work For Catfood”, fighting and working just for the catfood! The print itself is interesting to see, as some of the words are upside down.

身處於District 9外星難民營中的Prawns,只懂吃Catfood,更認為Catfood是一流食糧,牠們會以勞力換取,就像Tee上Slogan一樣 “Will Work For Catfood”,打生打死都是為了Catfood而已!

Tee Slogan中的字樣有些是需要倒轉來看的,要花些眼力才看到。

NON – HUMAN Restricted to District -10

At last, District 9 was demolished, and the Prawn Aliens were relocated in District 10.

電影中的Prawn Aliens最終也被搬移到District 10, Non-Human。

Release Date: 8th Sept, 2010 (Alienegra Prawn Tee) &
18th Sept, 2010 (Alienegra Catfood Tee)
Price: $680 online store: