Madness 1st Anniversary Present : Madness X Selective Backpacks AJ inspired for FREE

時間過得很快,一年前的9月,是我們 Madness 公司成立的時候,當我們解決了無數極麻煩的大小事務後,網站於11月底正式全力運作至今。而一年後的今天,幸運地我們得到各客戶、各地品牌、各位朋友幫忙,Madness 在運作上,企劃以至普及度慢慢得到提升,更漸漸地得到認同,較開心的是我們推動次文化方面也見到正面的成效!在此,我們再次衷心感謝各位的幫忙!

而由於漸漸有了更多的客戶,也令我們的運作更繁忙,但我們的風格也堅持是偏向注重內容的表達而不是大堆頭的更新,也會更注重多點深入些的文章,同時也將會有更多企劃像聯名產品、免費禮品等出現,當然,這個一週年,我們也已計劃好一系列的產品推出,第一回的就是和 Madness 極友好的品牌 SELECTIVE 推出一共6種顏色組合的包包,而且讀者更有機會抽獎免費贏取一個!!

Time flies, it has been since MADNESS was set up in September one year ago. After facing and dealing with many problems and affairs, the official site was launched and in full operation since the end of November 2009. One year later, with the support of customers, brands, and our friend, Madness is able to slowly improve on our operation, planning and readership. What make us even more happy is that our focus and promotion of the sub-culture is being slowly recognized. We again thank you for help!

The gradual increase of customers also mean we are getting more busy, but we insist on quality over quantity with the contents of our blog, emphasizing on more multi-dimension and in depth articles. There will also be more collaboration products in the pipe line. For our first anniversary, we had planned a series of product launches, the first round being the MadnessXSELECTIVE 6 colors portfolio bag. To thanks our readers support, now you have a chance to win this for free! !

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以往我們都曾多次報導關於 SELECTIVE 這品牌的產品,他們一直主要推出背包為主,也以極多顏色配撘為人所熟悉。今回我們就選取了容量最大的款式為聯名背包,在實行這計劃當中的設計時,於會議中發現了 Madness 團隊和 SELECTIVE 團隊都是 Air Jordan 鞋款的超級粉絲,而 Madness 的專用配色更是 Air Jordan 裡必有的黑紅色!亦因此 Madness 就提出了以 Air Jordan 裡最常見的黑、紅、白三種顏色為主,而 SELECTIVE 就將三種顏色設計重新拼配,最終變成了現在的6個配色,每個的側面均印有 MADNESS 圖案,而今回每個配色的產量極少,每個配色只有6個,每個背包內更有不同的號碼的!

這系列的背包其實已能於 SELECTIVE 的指定店 REACH (地址 : 香港九龍尖沙咀加連威老道30號3/f)買到,售價為 $980 港元,但為了慶祝 MADNESS 的1週年,我們現正舉行抽獎,詳情如下:

We have repeatedly reported on the SELECTIVE brand products, which specialize in backpacks with a unique multi-color blending theme. This time we had chosen a high capacity model for the collaboration effort. During the design meeting, we found out that both SELECTIVE and the Madness team are all super fans of the NIKE Air Jordan shoes model. We therefore proposed using the most popular Air Jordan colorway of black, red and white in the design. SELECTIVE blended these 3 colors together and eventually came out with the current 6 colors combination,with MADNESS logo printed on the side. Each color series are only available in super limited quantity. Only 6 are produced for each color combination with individual numbering !

This series are now available at SELECTIVE designated dealer REACH for HK$980. In celebration of MADNESS anniversary, we are holding a lucky draw. Details as below:

2. The message subject please: Madness x Selective
3. Content, please specify: name, phone
4. The deadline for receiving Draw: 22/09/2010
5. Announcement Draw Date: 25/09/2010
6. The winners will receive an e-mail to choose their favorite color combination
7. For inquiries please kindly email us. All draw rules with the final decision by MADNESS

2. 郵件主題請以 : Madness x Selective
3. 內容請列明 : 姓名、電話
4. 接受抽獎最後限期為 : 22/09/2010
5. 公佈抽獎日期 : 25/09/2010
6. 抽中的幸運兒將會收到電郵肯定,到時將能選擇幸運兒喜歡的顏色組合
7. 如有查詢可以電郵給我們,所有抽獎規條由 MADNESS 保留最終決定權

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