Pep Williams Interview by Jinxi Boo

Pep Williams,這個傳奇滑板團體 Dogtown 的第三代人物,也是最近極關注的攝影師,不論於音樂、刺青到時裝上也能見到他的名字。也同時在世界各地舉行展覽和受各地傳媒訪問。

而 Jinxi Boo 最近就訪問了他,喜愛攝影的朋友不要錯過。
Jinxi Boo

Here’s an interview with Pep Willams, third generation Dogtown legend and recognized photographer who’s work covers music, tattoo and fashion and are featured in magazines and galleries around the world.

Head over to Jinxi Boo for the interview and check our Pep Williams awesome works at