FUCT – SSDD S/S 2011 Preview 1

FUCT 剛放上了來季 2011年的春夏系列給大家先睹為快,在模特兒示範當中由其以洗水丹寧外套、褲子和恤衫特別出色,另外其他像保齡恤,格子恤和軍事外套也是很吸引的。想看到更多照片可以去以下連結找到:http://blog.fuct.com/ssdd-spring-summer-2011-preview-1

FUCT SSDD S/S 2011 is up for preview on their site featuring a range of denim jeans, jackets and cut and sew shirts with the distinct FUCT military touch. Stay tune for further preview !


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