Steve Ignorant Interview

CRASS is probably one of the most influential band that happened in music history, in many ways that you least expected. Never mind the Sex Pistol, if you love punk for its DIY etiquette, anti-capitalism and social consciousness, CRASS will be your hero, or anti-hero for that matter.

Long after CRASS breakup, Steve Ignorant had been going on making and playing music and this time he is taking the “Steve Ignorant Presents The Last Supper (Crass Songs 1977-1984)” tour to perform CRASS music “for the last time, as a celebration”.

Below are the interviews where Steve Ignorant discusses how the idea for The Last Supper tour came about, the Feeding Of The 5000 gigs he did in London in 2007, how Crass split up, and the “myth and legend” surrounding the band. Filmed February 2011, during rehearsals for the North American leg of The Last Supper tour.

Life changing band, that’s what CRASS was and will ever be.

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