Larry Smith x FUCT SSDD Leather Wallet

Following last season release of leather wallet, FUCT SSDD collaborated with Japan’s acclaimed leather /silver jewelry designers Larry Smith to release 2 hand made wallets for this season. Both wallets are made of steerhide leather, tanned and over dyed completely by hand and featuring vintage No. 42 Talon zipper with Death Bunny and Zigzag man embodied graphic. Complete with Larry Smith vintage packaging that complete the whole feel and look. More details in FUCT BLOG

繼上季再次推出真皮錢包後,今季 FUCT SSDD 就找來了在日本極具名氣的皮具/珠寶設計師 LARRY SMITH 合作以全人手製的真皮錢包。錢包以全牛皮製造,所有過程也全由LARRY一手包辨,同時更採用了42號 Talon拉揀,單是這樣已能想像錢包的精美。今回共有啡和黑色選揀,設計上比上回變得簡約,分別於啡色和黑色上壓上Death Bunney和 Zigzag Man圖案。還有以LARRY SMITH的懷舊紙包裝,令整體變得極完美。

它們將於7月尾在日本率先發售,8月於全球代理發售。更多圖片可於FUCT BLOG看到。