Sponsored Video: [GALAXY Note II] A day in the life of Rich Moore, director of Wreck-It Ralph

A fun day with Rich Moore, Director of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, and his Samsung GALAXY Note II. Packed with multitasking capabilities and powerful performance, this is needed by all on-the-go individuals who understand the needs of work and fun packed into one easy to use gadget.

The soft and streamlined look are most attractive to lifestyle users and Samsung has also added to the Galaxy Note II a microSD card slot that lets you pop in your own should you run out of space, a feature that best meet the needs of media hungry individuals whom music and movie can be enjoyed everywhere they go. The HD Super AMOLED display is sharp, with a resolution of 1,280 x 720, and also very bright and comes with excellent contrast that really shows in images and videos.

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