Music Madness – Feat. Thierry Chow

在這星期,Hasheeme邀請了他的朋友 Thierry Chow,為 Madness的讀者分享一些她喜歡的音樂。


關於 Thierry Chow:


In this week, hasheeme invited his friend Thierry Chow to share some her favorite songs to readers.

Thierry : “They are awesome songs, and they rock! These are all songs that brings me back in time, the good times with good taste in music, and they make me happy to hear them every time. Enjoy!”

About Thierry :
Born in hk, and went to Canada when she was 10. She studied applied arts of illustration and came back to Hong Kong to work.
Currently apprenticing under my father to become a FENG SHUI MASTER with a ARTISITIC twist to it, my goal is to keep the valuable art of FENG SHUI and bringing it into our generation and keep rolling!

Any one need helps for FENG SHUI, contact Thierry, now, haha!


The Trooper- Iron Maiden

Paranoid- Black Sabbath

Chick Habit- April March

Little Green Bag- Reservoir Dogs