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Melody Ehsani Fall 09 Look Book – Accessories


My friend Melody Ehsani From L.A just shown me the accessories from her label’s Fall 2009 Look Book. Melody always did very cool designs for accessories which include earrings, rings & necklaces. They came in die cut shape, exaggerated sizes and in GOLD theme. Their concept are elegant but yet with a touch of Bad Girls style. Superstars like Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Mariah Carey are fans of Melody Ehsani too!

我的好友Melody Ehsani 給我看了她剛完成的飾物和目錄, 這位來自洛杉磯的好友都能把耳環, 指環, 頸鍊等設計出一些很酷的款式, 誇張的形狀和大小, 喜愛金色, 運用概念, 不失高貴但亦保留著壞女孩的風格. 一些大明星如Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Mariah Carey 等都是她的擁戴者呢!
Melody’s BLOG :

If you are interested in them, please contact us!!!!
如果你們有興趣於它們, 聯絡我們吧!!!!!

Check out below for more accessories with nice styling in the look book after the jump.

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Supra Fall 09 Collection available in HKIT now


如果你玩滑板有4,5年的年資, 絕對會聽過SUPRA 這個滑板品牌的名稱, 特別是它的鞋子, 喜歡把特別的顏色配撘, 也喜歡使用不同的物料放在鞋身, 令到鞋子十分耀眼奪目, 另外除了基本很笨重的款式外, 也開發了很多比較修身而帶點時尚的款式, 這也是它的服飾風格.

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Michael Lau x NIKE SB Collaboration for 10th anniversary of Gardener


1999年, 由香港設計師 MICHAEL LAU 所設計的玩具GARDENER系列誕生, 而今年即2009年是這系列誕生第十個年頭. MICHAEL就為GARDENER系列的十週年舉行 GARDENER 10TH 展覽會並和NIKE推出了聯名鞋子.

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Jukai x adFunture – Mini-G

adFunture 推出 Mini-G 第一個系列 – 把 Jukai’s G-Robot 縮小後再找來了12個單位作為設計, 分別有 Jukai, Remix Taipei, Revelator, Dacosta!, Marka27, Antz, Filter017, Phalanx, Vinyl Pulse and adFunture Studio, 手榴彈造型配上邪惡的面貌, 可是感覺絕不邪惡更十分討好, 加入各單位的設計後更加有獨特的個性. 每隻只售9.5美金, 亦可以以190美金買下一套20隻, adFunture 網上站有售

From Vinyl Pulse :
“After a soft launch at Taipei Toy Festival, adFunture is about to drop the Mini-G Series 1 figures featuring a smaller version of Jukai’s cool G-Robot figure. The series features twelve designs by Jukai, Remix Taipei, Revelator, Dacosta!, Marka27, Antz, Filter017, Phalanx, Vinyl Pulse and adFunture Studio. Given the figure list, we might be just a bit biased, but in our opinion the 3.5″ Mini-G stands as one of the nicer new mini-fig platforms with a hard-edged urban design that packs interesting arm/hand articulation.

Order them now at adFunture’s web shop for $9.50 per or $190 for a case of 20.”

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De Martini x Incredible Messenger Bag

經典的 messenger 袋子品牌De Martini 繼早期與SUPREME推出聯名袋子後, 亦和很多單位如日本的beams等合作推出聯名產品, 而香港的 Incredible 最近就成功引進並成為香港代理, 第一回的產品就是聯名的合作, 以粉紅色配上綠藍色和黑色,鮮艷奪目, 而今次 Incredible 更提出以亞洲人的身型重新設計袋子的大小, 比美國的版本較細少但就更適合亞洲人配撘. 另外亦有一個更小的袋子, 適合女生選用, 除了Incredible 提案的顏色外也有紅配黃的選擇.

After the collaboration with Supreme and other brands like Beams from Japan, classic messenger bag label DE MARTINI also did collaboration with their Hong Kong dealer Incredible, the bag is eye catching with sharp colors – PINK + TIFFANY BLUE + BLACK, also Incredible suggested DE MARTINI re-design the bag to smaller size for Asian body. There is one smaller size which is quite suit for girls, two colorways RED + YELLOW & PINK + TIFFANY BLUE + BLACK to let you choose.

INCREDIBLE : 香港尖沙咀加連威老道69號2樓 2/F, 69 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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