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Zozotown x Porter x Star Wars Collaboration Collection


Recently Japanese online giants Zozotown has teamed up with internationally renowned bag makers Yoshida & Co. and Lucas Films to produce a series of bag based on the Star Wars universe. The current collection consist of a wallet, shoulder bag, back pack and a tote bag. The black print on the backpack is based on the colors of the light saber for the Sith Lords (red) and the Jedi warriors (blue), while on the white print on the wallet and tote bag you could spot the silhouette of the Stormtrooper helmet. The collection will be released exclusively in Japan sometime in mid-January 2010.

Source: Zozotown & our friends at BLACKRAINBOW

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Black Rainbow Varsity Jacket Streetlook


Black Rainbow shot some cool styling with their crew and friends in the street donning the Varsity Jacket! The Jacket comes in basic & simply style, cool colorway (BLACK + ORANGE), with a combination of wool and leather sleeves. “BLACK RAINBOW” & logos are embroidered on the back and sleeves, making it cool and easy to match with any styles as shown by the styling!

法國的BLACK RAINBOW 找來了自己團隊和好友一起替其品牌的棒球外套在街上拍攝了一輯造型照, 外套都回歸於基本和簡單的款式, 絨布配上皮袖, 再以黑色拼上橙色, 十分之酷, 而BLACK RAINBOW字樣和圖案分別繡在外套背後和皮袖上. 就像造型照內容易地配撘各種造型而且還很酷呢!

按此連結去看造型照相薄和他們的棒球外套吧. Check out their STREETLOOK & BLACK RAINBOW VARSITY JACKET now.