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Sticky: NOIZE – Charles Peterson INTERVIEW

提到樂隊 Nirvana 大家必然想到主音結他手 Kurt Cobain,而若果你們是 Nirvana / Kurt 的 Fans,我相信你們都會知道誰是 Charles Peterson - 一位在攝影界,音樂界極具地位的殿堂級攝影師,而我們 MADNESS 也幸運地能找到這位攝影師作出訪問。 

Mention NIRVANA and we are immediately reminded of Kurt Cobain, the lead vocal and guitarist of the most influential band of the 90s. Fans of Nirvana/Kurt Cobain definitely know the name of Charles Peterson. Born in Seattle, he is known as the unoffical photographer of the SUB-POP label and the grunge movement. MADNESS is honor and grateful to have an interview with Charles Peterson.

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我們早前曾給大家看過來自Los Angeles 的 Artist Base 品牌 Blood is the new Black 以 BLACK FLAG 樂隊圖案為設計靈感的 TEE, 其實那是其中一位 ARTIST Brendan Donnelly 所設計的,除了 BLACK FLAG 外也有 CRASS JOY DIVISION 的款式。而他們的 2010 春季的第一批貨品將會推出,據所知香港已很欠沒有店鋪引入這品牌,若然你有興趣的可以聯絡我們 mad@madnessmag.com。

We featured the Black Flag Tee released by Black is the New Black in a previous post, which is designed by Brendan Donnelly. Apart from the Black Flag version, there are also JOY DIVISION and CRASS version. Black is the New Black will be releasing their first series of 2010 product. For those in Hong Kong who are interested in their product, please kindly contact MADNESS as there seem to be no distributor here for them at the moment.


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Henry Rollins – North American Spoken Word Tour


Black Flag主音,傳奇人物 Henry Rollins公佈了的”Frequent Flyer” 演講行程細節, 由1月12日於英國開始,繼而到其他歐洲主要國家如德國,瑞典,奧地利等進行,之後就回到北美洲,由2月17日於加州展開,一直到其他主要大城市像紐約等等。

Legendary Henry Rollins, the former Black Flag frontman, has announced details of a North American spoken word tour called the ‘Frequent Flyer’ tour. Starting in California on February 17, the tour will see him covering cities from New York to Montreal. Before that, Rollins will be on a European tour beginning in the UK on January 12 taking him through major European cities from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Austria etc.

詳情可到Henry Rollins 的網站 21361.com
More deatils at 21361.com