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CLOT x Subcrew I’M SO TIRED OF IZM TEE is the last piece of the IZM Collection that everyone has been waiting for! After the hot crazy summer, pretty sure that most of us could feel the tiredness from work and play, as busy Hong Kong people; we work so hard everyday that we are all so tired! With the big hits of the last 3 Tees in the IZM Collection, now this 4th and last piece I’M SO TIRED OF IZM TEE should be a good round-up!

CLOT x Subcrew IZM系列之最後聯乘單品I’M SO TIRED OF IZM TEE終於面世,瘋狂暑假過後,相信大家也會感到無比疲累,我們作為香港都市人,天天奔波勞碌,辛勞過後又是新的一天,We are all so tired!繼前3件IZM系列推出後反應熱烈,是次來到系列中之最終回,累透了的我們過完開心暑假,開學開工時間又到,非人生活又回來了!

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CLOT x Levi’s Presents: Survivor Denim 505 Jeans

After the success of launching the CLOT x Levi’s® Python 505 Washed Jean, CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans is the latest collaboration of CLOT and Levi’s®. The jeans itself carries similar designing concepts as the Python, they are both using add-on materials, but Survivor Denim is a little more than special by using waterproof and 3M reflective materials etc, if you look at it by details, it is not hard to tell how tough and strong the jeans is!

繼JUICE HK 於6週年推出的Spot Item CLOT x Levi’s®  Python 505 Washed Jeans後,CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans 為 CLOT和Levi’s® 合力研製的最新品,都是和早前的設計概念相乎,採用在牛仔布中混入不同質地的物料,但今回特別在於那些物料可在廢墟及廢物堆當中隨意找到,例如破爛布料、防水及3M反光物料等,單看牛仔褲的外型和顏色用料配搭已有強勁耀眼的感覺,再仔細看每一處細節位,一定不難發現CLOT x Levi’s® Survivor Denim 505 Jeans的堅毅精神。

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Strawberries are especially taste good from March to August every year, which is why is good for summer to eat the sweetest and juicy strawberries, in order to cool the heat down! CLOT Family knowing that strawberries are good stuff for everyone, so decided to launch the popular CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE. This Fruity tee is different from the previous summer holiday spot item CLOT ICE-CREAM LOGO TEE, it is only light blue and red in colors, making the strawberries looking so attractive, even though if you got strawberry allergy, you can still wear this CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE!

每年的3月至8月都是士多啤梨最好吃、最鮮甜的時候,適逢夏天天氣炎熱,吃士多啤梨則可達清熱解暑、生津止渴之效,CLOT Family亦是因為以上幾點,推出男女老幼都甚喜愛的CLOT STRAWBERRY LOGO TEE,這款水果Tee與之前的夏日限定單品CLOT ICE-CREAM LOGO TEE有所不同,不是五顏六色,淺藍的底色反襯出紅紅士多啤梨的新鮮和吸引力,對士多啤梨敏感的你,不能吃也能穿吧!

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CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection

It’s Summer time! With the feeling of boiling hot weather, surely that the summer heat wave wouldn’t leave us for a while. To cure the heat and thirsty feelings, it is best to take a big bite of some fresh juicy fruits. For ordinary fruit choices such as apple and oranges are too common, let’s go for a change with exotic fruits like melon, dragon fruit, pineapple and mangostine. As urbanites, sometimes we are too busy to take time off for a summer trip, so why not going to some outlying islands and countryside enjoying the bright sunshine and sea breeze, of course, need to bring along the Exotic Fruit Be@rbicks as accompany!

正式踏入暑假,天氣酷熱非常,想消暑解渴而又達到健康宗旨的話,吃一口鮮甜多汁的水果便最好不過了!除了一般較普遍的水果如蘋果、橙等,充滿著東南亞風情的蜜瓜、火龍果、鳳梨、山竹更是稱心的選擇,皆因作為繁忙的都市人,若無法抽空來趟夏日之旅,不妨到離島或郊外,邊享受陽光與海灘,邊吃著美味解渴的水果,最重要當然是與Exotic Be@rbricks同行,齊拍一輯夏日照吧!

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CLOT x adidas ’67’ basketball jersey

While the whole world is putting their focus on the World Cup in South Africa, the NBA finals ended with the Lakers coming on top with their second consecutive championship victory. To show our appreciation towards the sport, CLOT is launching the CLOT x adidas 67 Jersey.

當全城熱哄哄地討論世界盃前席,在地球的另一端正上演另一場決賽爭奪戰!所有籃球迷都必捧的NBA季後賽正進行得如火如荼, 而亦因 CLOT crew對於這項運動的喜愛,特意創作出一系列與adidas合作的jersey,以行動支持NBA季後賽!

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