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Futura2000 x Defrag video interview

In 2009, Lenny McGurr a.k.a Futura2000 has endured a relatively quiet year compared to all the globe trotting and big name collaboration project he is usually associated with. Japanese online magazine Defrag managed to catch up with the graffiti legend while he payed a whirlwind visit to Japan for the Stussy x Futura Laboratories ‘Live in Tokyo’ at the Stussy Shibuya Chapt. In the video he briefly spoke about growing up around the graffiti movement in New York back in the late-70’s, the influences from his surroundings, the modern day street culture movement and how he remains one of the most iconic street culture artists ever by thinking and planning ahead for the future. With a Footlocker-exclusive Futura x Nike Air Force 1 pack releasing in the 1st quarter of 2010 and the continuing Nike x Lance Armstrong LIVEStrong ‘Stages’ tour, we may see more of him in the coming months.

The video: Defrag x Futura2000

Supreme monograph by Rizzoli Publications

supreme book

曾於2008年和A Bathing Ape 合作的美國紐約有名出版公司 Rizzoli Publication,找來了另一紐約有名的滑板/街頭文化龍頭之一的品牌Supreme 合作出版一本專題書刊。

此書的主要內容是講述Supreme怎樣由一間在Lafayatte的很小型的滑板店,怎樣推動滑板/街頭文化,由小型店變成一個龍頭,怎樣找到很多世界有名的攝影師 Terry Richardson,畫家村上隆 Takashi MurakamiFutura 2000, Kaws, Damien Hirst 等,前世界級拳王泰臣和美國極受歡迎的卡通角色 Kermit The Frog等等一起合作。而整本書的內容找來了Supreme 創辦人之一James Jebbia,前Supreme 店長和代表性人物 Aaron Bondaroff (現品牌aNYthing,Off Bowery創辦人)協助下,將很多很多鮮為人知或被唯忘的故事都再現,還有書序的部份也找來了名雜誌GQ的Glenn O’Brain 編寫。是完完整整的一本Supreme紀錄,或許也可以說是整個美國東岸的街頭文化的紀錄。

此書將於2010年4月6日正式推出,但現在於 AMAZON 裡可以先行預購。

Following the high-profile collaboration with A Bathing Ape in 2008, famous New York publisher Rizzoli Publication has teamed up with Supreme to publish a monograph of the famous skateboard brand in 2010.  Curated with the help of James Jebbia and with the introduction written by Glenn O’Brian of GQ and Aaron Bondaroff (ex-Supreme store manager, owner of aNYthing and Off Bowery and the un-official face of Supreme), this book sets to give the reader an insight on how they came from a small skateboard store on Lafayatte Street to one of the biggest name in the modern street culture era with high-profile collaborations with Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Kaws, Futura 2000, Terry Richardson, Mike Tyson and Kermit the Frog . A definite must-have on the coffee table of every street wear and culture enthusiast.

The book is set to release on April the 6th, 2010 but pre-order for it is now available on Amazon.