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MUSIC MADNESS: hide (X Japan) Releases ‘Last Song’ With Vocaloid, 16 Years After Passing Away!

Who could have thought (especially here over at MADNESS HQ) that after 16 long years, we could possibly hear a new song release from none other than the much loved legend hide!

Apparently it’s technology that make all this possible (remember the Tupac Hologram Coachella back in 2012?) – The title of the song is “Co Gal,” written by hide before his passing, was recreated with YAMAHA‘s Vocaloid voice synthesis technology, based on lyrics hide wrote and a demo he recorded just before he passed away. hide had planned to include “Co Gal” on Ja, Zoo, his first solo album that debuted posthumously in November 1998. However, since he passed away right before recording the song, all that remained were the lyrics and the audio demo. Part of the lyrics were displayed in the hide Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokosuka City from 2000 to 2005.

The song will be released  on an album that Universal Music will debut on December 10 in conjunction with hide 50th birthday.

Fan of hide, don’t sleep on this one!

adidas x Mastermind JAPAN Collection for World Cup 2010

This should be one of the biggest and most surprising collaboration of 2010: adidas has teamed up with renowned Japanese fashion designer Masaki Homma and his high-end clothing brand Mastermind JAPAN for a capsule collection which is for the coming WORLD CUP 2010.

世界杯的來臨前,大部份的球鞋品牌都會推出一系列的相應產品,除了一般的普通世界杯系列外,今年也有找來了不同的單位合作推出限量商品,而作為世界杯內其中一個不能不提的品牌 adidas,就作出了一個非一般的合作計劃,找來了日本 Hi End 系的人氣品牌 Mastermind Japan 合作推出了一系列的鞋款和服飾。

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Hysteric Glamour – Japan HuGe Magazine Spread

ashstymestforhuge0 (1)

Check out April’s issue of Japanese magazine HuGe for the spring 2010 collection of Hysteric Glamour styled by Tsuyoshi Noguchi and photographed by Wataru.

4月號的日本雜誌 HUGE 刊登了Hysteric Glamour 的2010春季造型照,由其御用的日本名造型師野口強負責統籌,加上其友好攝影師 Wataru 負責拍攝部份,把這個造型照拍得極出色,復古搖滾味極濃。

來源 / Via The Fashionisto

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UZUMAKI – Japan Mix Style Band !


於1998年組成的 日本樂團 UZUMAKI,以NU METAL 為基本,把LOUD ROCK, HIPHOP, PUNK 和電子音樂等各種不同的音樂種類混合起來變成了其獨特的風格,同時將日本的街頭文化裡的特色放進在他們的音樂中,這些獨特的風格深受日本街頭新人類擁戴,從而他們於這幾年由地下樂團的姿態,變成了今時今日出國巡迴表現的樂團。於2008年 UZUMAKI 推出了一張名為”BLAZE OF GLORY”的細碟,而這碟內就找來了NU METAL先驅 - 來自美國的 SLIPKNOT 樂團中的 SID aka #0 為 UZUMAKI 進行混音。除了得到 SLIPKNOT 外,UZUMAKI 也曾得到另外兩隊NU METAL 的超有名樂隊 LIMP BIZKIT / LINKIN PARK 賞識,於他們的日本巡迴演唱㑹內作為開幕表演樂團!另外,UZUMAKI 也參與了一張以對 THRASH METAL 傳奇樂隊METALLICA 作為致敬的日本大碟”「METAL-IKKA ~ メタル一家」”。

最近 UZUMAKI 都專注在他們準備推出的大碟,而他們找來了兩位好友 10-FEET 的 TAKUMA 和 RIZE 的 JESSE 合作推出了兩首歌,他們也把這兩首歌的 MV 正式推出,份屬好友的MADNESS當然也收到他們的歌後立即送給大家觀賞吧!而這張大碟將㑹於2010年的春季推出,詳情可到 UZUMAKI 的網站或留意我們的消息可看到。

Formed in Japan 1998, UZUMAKI presents themselves as  a mix-style band combining  Loud Rock, Hip Hop, Punk  and Electronic music genre with a street culture attitude ! Recent years saw the rise of UZUMAKI as they released a mini album in 2008 titled “Blaze of Glory” which include a remix done by Slipknot’s SID aka #0. They also participated in the Metallica tribute album “「METAL-IKKA ~ メタル一家」” and opened for LIMP BIZKIT / LINKIN PARK JAPAN TOUR.

Recent months UZUMAKI is stepping up the games with 2 continuous singles releases featuring TAKUMA of10-FEET and JESSE of RIZE fame. You can check out the two singles videos below and do look out for their new album dropping in the spring !

UZUMAKI Official Website