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JUICE 又再一次在聖誕節給大家潮流禮物選擇,是次推出的為CLOT x Medicom Toy 的100% & 400% BE@RBRICK ,名為JUICE ORNAMENT METALLIC BE@RBRICK,意為一可掛在聖誕樹上的掛飾。

JUICE had released  a Christmas Be@rbrick set inspired by shiny Christmas ornaments. The BE@RBRICK comes in metallic silver with red hands, pink nose and black ears. It will be available on December 14th at JUICE store.

今次的BE@RBRICK分100% 和400%,BE@RBRICK 的身體以全銀Metallic 作底色,心口印上JUICE的LOGO,紅色小手、黑色耳朵及粉紅色的鼻,令整隻BE@RBRICK 加上節日氣氛的感覺,既搶眼又可愛,有別於一般的聖誕裝飾品。


為JUICE送予顧客的聖誕小禮物;而且顧客只要於12月14日起,於JUICE 購物滿HKD$1500 ,均可獲贈細小精美的100% JUICE ORNAMENT METALLIC BE@RBRICK一隻。大號的400% BE@RBRICK 則會於同日上市,售價為HKD$780。
100% BE@RBRICK is not for sale and it is exclusive Christmas gift for JUICE’s customers & VIP only. From 14 December onwards, for any purchases over HKD$1500, you will receive a 100% JUICE Ornament Metallic Be@rbrick as gift. The 400% JUICE Ornament Metallic Be@rbrick will be available at JUICE store retailing at HKD$780.

JUICE HK:2A No.46-48 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, HK / 香港銅鑼灣百德新街46-48 號海德大廈2樓A室

JUICE SH:No.832, Julu Road, JingAn District, Shanghai / 上海市靜安區巨鹿路832號

JUICE KL Address :Lot No. 46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Clotinc.com online store: http://www.clotinc.com

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NIKE x CLOT Grand Slam Polo


為慶祝CLOT的上海店開幕,NIKE聯同CLOT推出了NIKE CLOT Grand Slam Polo 並於12月5日開幕常天正式發售,除了是上海限定外,也只有40件給大家搶購。NIKE SPORTWEARS一向都是以最好的質料放在簡約而經典的產品上,而NIKE Grand Slam Polo款式也就是代表之一,今次的聯名計劃內,他們就使用了這款Polo,採用了CLOT一向偏愛的中國元素和玄紅配色為主,在領口,紐扣和背後衫尾端也印了CLOT的紅玉印章圖案,而包裝上用了傳統中式公文紙袋,就像Polo一樣同是長青的款式,除此之外,公文紙袋上的圖案都是紅色,中國風為主,背面更印有NSW,CLOT,JUICE三個圖案,從而把這件經典簡約的Polo變到更副有中國特色,更有收藏價值。

以往CLOT 和 NIKE所合作的產品也不少而全都是鞋子,今次就是他們的首次合作推出服裝系列,相信以後還會有更多的聯名服裝系列。


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JUICE Collaborations Products Exclusive for JUICE Shanghai Opening


為慶祝 JUICE 上海重開, CLOT 都找來友好品牌SUBCREWOriginal Fake合作推出上海店限定Tee, 除此之外也用了上海地道美食小籠包作為設計圖的Tee,它們全都是上海限定,不會在香港有售。
JUICE SH opening are bringing some exclusive items to Shanghai customers. Limited Collaboration Tees between CLOT, Subcrew and Original Fake will be only available exclusively at CLOT Shanghai and will not be sold in Hong Kong.


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CLOT FW09 FDTD Tee collection out


September marks the arrival of autumn and the beginning of the Fall/Winter Collection in fashion industry. The F/W Collection of CLOT is named as FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (FDTD), meaning from sunset to sunrise, and sunrise to sunset, FROM DUSK TIL DAWN and DAWN TIL DUSK, it is just a cycle.

This season CLOT made clothing for all kind of occasions. This goes with the theme and with the way we live and work. Quoted from Edison Chen, Creative Director of CLOT, “We play as our work is a play to us, we enjoy excelling in work and we go from night to day and day to night.” And this is also the motto within CLOT, as well as the behind of FDTD.

CLOT FW09 “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN” Tee collection is now available at  JUICE store.

JUICE Store: 2/F., A, 53 Patterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 香港銅鑼灣百德新街53號海德大廈2A

JUICE KL: Lot No. 46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

JUICE Stand: 351 Zi Zhong Rd, Shanghai China 中國上海市盧灣區自忠路351号

clotinc.com online shop: http://www.clotinc.com

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