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Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展覽@朗豪坊

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亞洲頂尖潮流品牌 CLOT 與迪士尼攜手舉辦 Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展 + 網上拍賣。 展覽雲集來自中、美、歐、日共十位知名藝術家的驚人創造力,逐一注入經典的米奇雕像中;每個獨一無二的成品,鉅細靡遺地展示了各人別具一格的觸角和手藝。

Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展覽於8 月13日下午 3時,在本地潮流地標朗豪坊4樓通天廣場舉行揭幕禮。CLOT 兩位主理人 Edison Chen 和 Kevin Poon聯同華特迪士尼(上海)有限公司消費品部 ─ 大中華區時尚服飾總監林家文先生、朗豪坊代表 ─ 鷹君市務管理 (冠君)有限公司總經理梁惠敏小姐及香港知名玩具設計師 Eric So 親臨現場為展覽揭開序幕。五位主禮嘉賓合力將特製的Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展覽香港站的印章蓋在Travelling Mickey護照上,代表Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展覽香港站的活動正式揭幕,與大家一同感受和見證米奇與潮流文化共融的藝術。

Travelling Mickey慈善藝術巡迴展覽由8 月13 日起,一連19天於朗豪坊4 樓通天廣場開放。朗豪坊極具前瞻的視野和對藝術開放的態度促成了這次甚具意義的合作。是次活動具備慈善元素之餘,亦鼓勵創作人透過不同藝術形式發揮無限創意,與朗豪坊勇於創新、支持原創的理念不謀而合,展覽選址於此實在是最佳選擇。

不論是迪士尼或米奇擁躉(粉絲)、藝術愛好者或各界善長人翁,屆時均可親蒞展覽現場一睹來自世界各地不同界別的大師之作,包括:André、Carri Munden、DRx、Edison Chen、Eric So、Jakuan Melendez、Madsaki、 Makoto Azuma、Mister Cartoon 及 Motonori Masui 十位重量級藝術家創作的 Travelling Mickey 作品 。每隻 Travelling Mickey 將在展覽期間同時於官方網址內舉行拍賣;拍賣所得收益之 50% 將全數撥捐予中國青少年發展基金會,用於支持中國教育事業。

每位到場參觀的朋友均可獲得 Travelling Mickey 慈善藝術巡迴展覽香港站護照乙本,於展覽場內集齊 4 款別緻的米奇旅行印章,極具收藏價值之餘亦可親身感受旅遊的樂趣,絕對不容錯過!

Travelling Mickey慈善藝術巡迴展覽@朗豪坊特別限量推出 3 款以遊歷米奇為題的極罕限定潮 Tee ,售價為HK$620。由8月13日起,逢週六開售一款,只於朗豪坊 Travelling Mickey慈善藝術巡迴展覽場內之 JUICE Pop-up Stand 發售。 Travelling Mickey Project Tee 所得全部收益之 20% 將捐予中國青少年發展基金會,用於支持中國教育事業,購買心頭好之餘,亦可順便為慈善出一分力!

欲知更多網上拍賣詳情和Tee的圖片,可瀏覽 www.clotinc.com/travellingmickey


CLOT Alienegra Prawn Tee and Alienegra Catfood Tee – Online Store Exclusive!

「District 9」is an alien refugee camp that the humans allocated them there, so that they won’t harm others and formed their own “Prawns” community. This September, Alienegras are back and there will be 2 exclusive Alienegra Tees ONLY selling on clotinc.com Online Store! Both of them in terms of inspirations were based on the movie <District 9>, the design and fonts are unique and alien-ized, some wordings are upside down and the meaning behind each of them is inspirational.

人類為了安置這班外星難民,於南非劃出「District 9」收容區,讓異形定居,同時也禁止異形四散,今個9月clotinc.com Online Store將推出兩款以電影<District 9>(<D9異形禁區>)為主題的限量Tee,在字型和設計方面都十分獨特,很有外星文的感覺,加上有某些字型是需要倒轉來看的,和一般的字樣Tee不同。

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Latest Juice pop-up store invades Taiwan

The all conquering boys from CLOT has stepped up a gear on their plans for global domination in street culture by opening yet another store outside their native homeland of Hong Kong. Following the opening of Juice in Kuala Lumpur in June and Shanghai just a week ago, the boys have made their first foray into the Taiwanese market by opening their latest pop-up store, named ‘Juice Stand’ in Taipei today along with an exhibition showcasing the entire ALIENEGRA collection with some items coming directly from Edison Chen’s personal collection which were previously for family and friend’s only. The decal of the store sticks to the theme that is used throughout all the other Juice locations, mixing in light coloured wooden furniture with bright lighting to bring out the vibrant colours of their current cut and sew collection, aptly titled “From Dusk Till Dawn”. The pop-up store will open from the 22nd of December and will remain in operation for 2 months, which after that we may see a full-fledged Juice store opening in 2010.

Click on the link below for the full press release from CLOT:

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