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CLOT x Levi’s x Medicom Toy Exotic Fruit Be@rbricks Collection

It’s Summer time! With the feeling of boiling hot weather, surely that the summer heat wave wouldn’t leave us for a while. To cure the heat and thirsty feelings, it is best to take a big bite of some fresh juicy fruits. For ordinary fruit choices such as apple and oranges are too common, let’s go for a change with exotic fruits like melon, dragon fruit, pineapple and mangostine. As urbanites, sometimes we are too busy to take time off for a summer trip, so why not going to some outlying islands and countryside enjoying the bright sunshine and sea breeze, of course, need to bring along the Exotic Fruit Be@rbicks as accompany!

正式踏入暑假,天氣酷熱非常,想消暑解渴而又達到健康宗旨的話,吃一口鮮甜多汁的水果便最好不過了!除了一般較普遍的水果如蘋果、橙等,充滿著東南亞風情的蜜瓜、火龍果、鳳梨、山竹更是稱心的選擇,皆因作為繁忙的都市人,若無法抽空來趟夏日之旅,不妨到離島或郊外,邊享受陽光與海灘,邊吃著美味解渴的水果,最重要當然是與Exotic Be@rbricks同行,齊拍一輯夏日照吧!

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