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Daniel Lioneye – Vol II

After the surprising success that was Vol I, a stoner rock propelled album that has seen Daniel Lioneye playing in several festivals and the song The King Of Rock n Roll being used as the official theme song for Viva La Bam, Linde Lindström is back with a new album which is simply titled Vol II. While not busy executing exquisite guitar riffs for renowned Finnish band HIM, the dreadlocked axman takes centerstage to provide the voice of the band in the form of his alter ego Lily Lazer and like Vol I, the long awaited chapter does not lack in pulling out the stops

In place of Rakohammas and Bad Mige Amour (Ville Valo on drums and Mige on bass respectively) comes Burton (HIM) on keyboards and Bolton (from Finnish black metal band Enochian Crescent) taking up drum duty as black metal forms the nucleus of the new album. Kicking off with the trance inducing Euroshaman, it is definitely nothing like the usual fare of black metal as Daniel Lioneye discreetly retains the stoner element, albeit with psychadelic themes and merging with the brutal intensity of black metal growls and eerie effects employed by Burton yet the mayhem does not end there. The infernal transcendental meditation of Flatlined is set to authentic raw brutality set to headbang into the night with The Mentat adds gallons of fuel to the bonfire of ritualistic dimensions. Vol II does have its sentimental moments as I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One provides a melancholic respite from the festivities and a testament as to why Daniel Lioneye has been hugely lauded in metal music instead of being tagged as a HIM side project. In its own footing, Daniel Lioneye has been able to amass a huge following and with their simplistic mentality towards music, it has allowed the creative juices to take control and as a result producing an absolute gem. Vol II can be purchased at http://www.theomegaorder.com/DANIEL-LIONEYE and you can visit the band at http://www.myspace.com/daniellioneyeofficial

Recommended Tracks: Who Turned The Lights Out?, Flatlined